Rorq Pilot for sale! Very Focused! no wasted SP!

(Ratae Thoris) #1

26.7mil SP very focused into mining with Rorq.

Leadership 5
Mining Foreman 5
Mining Director 5
Ice Drone Operation 5
Industrial Reconfiguration 5

To name a few! ALSO Very nice implant set worth over a billion.

Buyout Reserved I’m not interested in a quick sale. ALL CCP RULES APPLY
I pay the transfer fee.

Opening bid 19B

(Maizie Fields) #2

20 bil

(Ratae Thoris) #3

Thanks for the opening bid of 20billion. buyout not reached yet.

(jinho yeom) #4

21b offer

(jinho yeom) #6

22.5b offer

(Ratae Thoris) #8

22.5b is the highest bid atm. buyout still not reached.

(jinho yeom) #9

23.5b offer

(jinho yeom) #11

25b my last offer

(Ratae Thoris) #12

25b offer noted and is the highest bid so far. buyout not reached getting closer

(Thorian Amadarr) #13


(Taras Berzerk) #14


(Ratae Thoris) #15

26b is the highest bid atm. buyout not reached but closer. thanks

(Thorian Amadarr) #16


(Ratae Thoris) #17

27 b/o not accepted. Thanks for the offer I’m still looking for a little more isk. Remember folks, MOON MINING is coming soon! This char will make you your isk back in just a couple of weeks!

(Ratae Thoris) #18


(Avallah) #19

Amount ore in rocks from moon will be rather exhumer mining than rurquals which will waste a lot of time at rewarps and wait for core end. Try it on your own at test server.

[UNSOLD] Rorqual + JF toon
(rusty whitefang) #20


(Ratae Thoris) #21

My buyout price has been reached (30b) Please send isk and I’ll initiate the transfer.

(Thorian Amadarr) #22

agreed ingame sending isk and account name

(Ratae Thoris) #23

ISK Received, account transfer begging. Thanks and enjoy flying a great rorq pilot!