Rorqpilot on sell

wts myself easy rorq pilot with good droneskills but only t1 inducore

start bid at 19.9b 25b bo or make usefull offers

daylie push

I’ll offer 19b b/o

Missing jump skills and is only a T1 core which is a big deal.

lets meet at 20.5 and its yours^^ its 1 month skilltime and all necessary skills are injected. including gallente t3 cruiser etc.

Unforunately T3 cruiser skills have no benefit to being a Rorq Pilot. I’ll settle for 19.5b and am online to sort it out now.

sry i wont sell it below 20. thx for your offer anyway.

Ill go for 20b

okey deal are you online?

Yes, Can you confirm positive wallet, and is in Highsec ?

sure sry. character listet as above to sell has positive wallet. positive security status. and will be in highsec in a minute.

I’ll send isk and the account name in an Evemail

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