WTS 19m SP rorq pilot t2 cored (SOLD)

As stated in the title rorq pilot

T2 cored and all core skills for the rorq operation at level 4
-19m sp

  • 2 remaps and yearly map right around the coner
  • pos wallet
  • has no kill rights
  • docked in jita 4-4
  • char was under a GSF corporation no longer tho sitting in NPC corp via (CCP rules)

cur training lvl 4 Jump drive cal to 4

hoping for 18 to 19b OBO
im online for any questions (ALL CCP rules apply), thank you for looking.

will pay 18.5b

i accept this offer of 18.5

i have gotten the isk for the char transfer beginning Enjoy the char my friend.

wow dude ill pay 20b for that char

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