Rorqual/Freighter pilot for sale. 42 mil SP/1,321,759 unallocated

Rorqual/Freighter pilot. A few days away from jump freighter. 42,064,000SP/1,321,759 unallocated. Also used as a smart bombing haven character.
Positive wallet
located in highsec
1 yearly and 3 bonus remaps available

Capital Industrial ships V
Mining drone specialization V
can use T2 industrial core
Highly efficient with Excavators

Starting bid 20 billion. Buyout is 32 billion password is 1234

20 bill ready to go :slight_smile:

pay 22b

23 bill :slight_smile:

I am willing to buy it out at 32b immediatly if you update your eveskillboard (right now it shows that it has problems)

Working on this now. It was working yesterday. Now says esi problems. Please stand by as I figure this out.

So how much u wanna ? I can offer 32 Bill out too :slight_smile:

i know you saw the skillboard yesterday when it was working correctly. sold to I wanna Sell for 32 bil. awaiting isk transfer to Busy Metal and account info.


I am actually at work, will be home 19:00 eve time, then i Transfer ISK from this character to Busy Metal and send Acc Name via email :slight_smile:

roger. i will be heading to work in about an hour. i can do the rest around 2300 eve time then

That fine for me :slight_smile: I will be online untill 23:30 eve time so will be working fine for us :slight_smile:

Wait, wait, I was the one to offer 32b first, so I get the character, right?

And btw, I have a flexible schedule so I can wait for you to get home :slight_smile:

You offered if I could provide a perfect skill plan posted immediately. The system isn’t working so I cannot do that. He offered with the information that was working yesterday. I could not give you what wanted in order to meet your immediate offer

Fine with me, I can do it with what is offered if you can confirm now that everything you have right now is the same as it was on the skillboard :slight_smile: This will be enough to guarantee the security for me and I will be fine with the deal :slight_smile:

I dont wanna be Rude, but he is the Character owner, if he decide to sell the Character to me, he decide it and have nothing to do with you.
I was the first person who was bidding here, i was email him to the game ( twice ) so i don’t see the point why he should dealing with you.
How i Said, He Is The Character Owner and He Decide.

Fair enough. You leave me no choice but to bid 32.5 then.

Also, it was my bad and I am terribly sorry, thought it was on your side but the ESI servers are broken, so it’s totally fine with your eveboard.

Well I will be waiting now for a Character owner then i will see, but i can pay 33 Bill why not :slight_smile:

34b it is :).

35 ? :slight_smile:

Okay, you may have it for 35 :slight_smile: