RoT looking for players for Null-sec

Hello And Welcome to
Remnants of Terra!

RoT is a new corporation looking for members who would like to join in on everything we do from mining operations to mission running or maybe even some exploration.
RoT dreams of one day getting out there into null-sec and experiencing the high-end mining/ratting. And YOU can be apart of making that dream come true!

Remnants of Terra is looking for players with all kinds of interest but we do specialize in Mining, Industry and PvE

What RoT can offer for it’s members:

  • Weekly (daily if people are up to it) mining ops
  • Daily Mission running/ratting and also the upcoming Resource Wars
  • Discord chat for voice chatting/general chatting
  • Friendly and social environment
  • Null-sec system where you can freely mine or go ratting or go roam around have kill neutrals !

What RoT requires from you:

  • Mature, friendly attitude towards each other
  • Participation in atleast some kind of activity (be it mining ops or do missions together or atleast fleet up)
  • Full API
  • 5 mil skillpoint requirement for Miners & Industry characters
  • 10 mil skillpoint requirement

We have a recruitment channel open ( RoT Recruitment ) please join if you would like to ask some more questions about us or drop an ingame mail if no one is online

-Remnants of Terra

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We are still looking for players to join our corp to strive towards the beautiful null-sec systems!

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