[RRUST] Rusted and Rejuvenated is Recruiting - Sov Null - Fleet and Small Gang PVP - US & EU TZ

With Brave moving in next door, never been a better time to be in Cloud Ring

Nightly roams!

Shoot solo players, shoot roaming gangs, shoot fleets, shoot goons, shoot test, shoot rats, shoot rocks. We shoot 'em all and let God sort it out.

From fleet combat to gate camping enemy space. We do it all.

Easy Camping:

this is a space guild

Making stuff go boom still.

Woah its my anniversary on posting on the forums, So might as well post some good fights:

Don’t poke our JB:

Eviction notice Served:

Come join us in Cloud Ring. Come for the small gang action, stay for the feet.

Lots of fleets happening right now. Feel free to come and frag people.

The First Fight:

The Second Fight:

Always at the top

Always fighting

And then there was another fight:

Woah more fights:

Also some very minor assistance here:

Random camping is random

fun fights to be had down here!