Ruthless Regiment Seeking Industrialists, PVEers and PVPers!

We are the Ruthless Regiment, back after a hiatus from the game and with the Quadrant 4 Changes i felt the urge to step back into the Corp i grew and loved being apart of post Scarcity and venture out into the Null Security landscape to see what CCP messed up.

In the coming months my aims will be to:

  • Promote Growth
  • Establish More Leadership
  • Null, Low Sec and Wormhole Mining
  • Corporation level weekly roams

I will be looking to identify members who i can put into positions so we are always filling the calendar with an operation and allow people to share and teach their in game passions! that way you can get logged in and have fun with as a group.

Our Alliance Offers Top Flight space for Ratting [Guristas] and Rigged Industrial Facilities to peruse any and all production goals and access to Moon Ores for you Reactions Junkies!

Love to PVP? Being part of an Alliance and Coalition, we are never short of a fleet you can get involved in from Structure Bashing, Alliance Warfare, BLOPs and More… Hell if you fancy it the Alliance are always looking for New Fleet Commanders to go out and generate content!

You don’t need to be the most experienced pilot to peruse an application so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Join Our Discord: Ruthless Regiment
Ingame Channel: Ruthless-Rec

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This Corp is fun and enjoyable we have been playing together for a couple of years! Always willing to help new ppl and returning vets you guys should rly check us out!

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recruitment is still open!!! If your looking for indy and pve and pvp come fly with us!

Drop in for a Chat!

Bump come on guys come join our ranks

Enlist Today!! o7

One join us guys we’re awesome once u get to know us!! We have fun together and have our ■■■■ together “most of the time”