Ruthless Regiment, Looking for that forever home?

Greetings o7,

We are a Nullsec based Corporation, Proud Imperium member Corp!! like many other Corporation’s we are looking to recruit pilots who support the Corporation’s long term aims, as well as looking to make friends and have fun.

Our Aims

  • Develop our internal PVP team.
  • Welcoming Team atmosphere, Everyone feels apart of the team.

We offer:

  • Corporate, Alliance and Coalition PVP.
  • Well Stocked Markets
  • Top Ratting Space
  • Large scale PVP fleets

We ask:

  • Be Active as Possible
  • Be on Comms
  • Be a Team Player


  • Krabbing and Mining Space
  • T2 Indy Facilities
  • Top of the Line Industrial Facilities
  • Logistics Services.
  • Locally Stocked Market.

Our Discord @Recruiter when you join o7

Questions drop into our Recruitment Channel: Ruthless-Rec

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50mil sp looking for home
Back from a long break
50 Million SP (Dread Pilot) and 3 alts
72M EUTZ Pilot looking for a home. PVE & PVP
Returned player looking for mining corp
Returning player from Sg - looking for corp GMT +8:00
Looking for a chilling corp
New Player looking for a corp
Looking to join a nulsec corporate
Looking highsec carebear Egmur area returning player
Looking for a home
Old player looking for Corp. Details inside
Looking for join a fresh corp
Casual player looking for corp
Multitoon returning player looking for a corp
Hello! Active UK player looking for a home
Casual Player looking for Mining Corp ⛏
28mil SP Hauler/support pilot looking for corp
New player UK TZ looking for a home/friends first
Returning player 25mil SP, EU time
Looking for a Corp
48m sp player looking for new home
8.5m SP player returning after 4 year break
Old Player Returning, Feelers out for new home. 51m SP
Returning Player Looking for Corp
74m SP returning player
Returning pilot looking for action and needs guidance
117 mil limited experience - Looking for Corp to grow and learn with
74m SP returning player
Rorqual and Dread pilot looking for new home
Looking for well established null alliance or WH entity
66M SP PVP/PVE Char looking for PVE null corp
Returning player looking for a corp
90m sp returning to game, whats out there?
[165m SP] Long time pilot looking for PVE corp with active USTZ
25 mill sp combat pilot returning and looking for corp
126 millon sp pilot returning to eve looking for NULL HOME
94m SP toon looking for a home
78m sp pilot LF PVE/Mining Corp
Looking for a chilled ACTIVE corp
Newbro(4mln SP) looking for a corp(EUTZ)
Miner/Hauler looking for a home!
27mil sp AU player, looking for a new home
Three new players looking for a corporation
Returning player LFC WH, Null, PVP (2 toons)

Join Our Public Channel for Details o7

Come and give us a look… Worst case scenario… We become friends :wink: Ruthless-Rec in game Speak Soon :slight_smile:

Come on give us a look :wink: o7

Come on… We have Cookies… FRESH MILK!

Hi - which space do you operate in?


Now Members of Legacy Coalition :wink: come and give us a look o7

Warning: Our CEO is a Brit!

This post is to update the Recruitment Propaganda - Please Disregard

Check Us Out… What’s the worst that could happen :wink:

We love you already…

Defiantly need more Indy pilots and people that like to make things explode.
Come on hit me up. Shoot us a mail what ever just come have some fun!!
Stockholm Yaken
Lara Seisar
Gareck Lanister

 Fly Dangerous 

Tikhon Nozdrin

hit me up in game lets chat

Looking for more pilots. Get in touch.

Great group of guys!!! rly enjoy this corp so far, always willing to help new and vet to get into the game!!! highly reccommended!!

Come check us out!

great group of guys, new pilot friendly we always have a blast!!

We have Cookies and Milk!!

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