-Positive Isk Balance
-No Kill Rights
-No jump clones (2 slots open)
-Currently in Jita (NPC corp)

Additional Info-
Max armor/shield
Max Missile support skills/Nearly Maxed Gunnery (only missing level 5 optimal range)
No wasted points in EWAR/Logi/Interdiction
All Tengu subsystems level 5
Good Scanning skills
Marauder level 4

Minimum Bid - 50B

Buyout - 60B

45bil buy out. isk in hand

47B offer

Thank you for offers so far, looking for 50

New buyout is now lowered to 53.5B from 60B

If the offer still stands, it’s yours. 47B

we chatted in a different thread, willing to do 46bil right now. isk in hand

Okay, I gave a little bit of time to respond in order to be fair. It’s yours

When ready, send Isk/mail

isk/mail sent

Transfer Will be completed after 3/18/2023 1:13:29 AM

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