• Marauders - 5
  • Engineering skills, shields, artillery - 5.
  • Support skills in 4-5. Also knows how to Kikimora and Vagabond. 4-5
  • Positive Wallet
  • 0.0 Sec Status
  • Located in High Sec Jita 4-4
  • No Kill Rights
  • No Assets
  • Available Remaps 2
  • In NPC Corp (skillboard.eveesi needs to update itself though)
  • i will pay the transfer fee
  • PVP Focus on small ships, ideal for FW and farming on the Marauder in WH or the upcoming New Year’s event


15 bil

Thanks for the suggestion. I have edited the offer. Start of trading 25 kk

17 bill

Thanks for the bid. I’ll be waiting for a bigger offer.

17.5 billion

20 bils

20.5 bil


23 bill


26 bill

Thanks for your bid. I’ll wait 1 more day. If no one else bids, your bid will be considered a winner. B/O 30 kk

nm different toon purchased

Sorry for the long absence! Confirm your bid. I’m ready to transfer.

The auction continues. Place your bets!

Up Up!


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