WTS 31m sp character

no kill rights
character located in high sec
positive wallet and hs located jump clone
2 bonus remaps available
dual race cruiser 5
expedition frigates

cyno 5
start bid :20b

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up we go

Edit: Apologies, I will be retracting my offer.

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up we go

up we go


Offer 21B, will likely spend elsewhere by tomorrow if not interested. Let me know!

21b offer accepted
send isks and account information

nothing herd from top bidder in 3 days so reopening bidding on me

16 bill

17 billion

19 bill

19b accepted i await isks and account information

So you accepted a full 1 bil. below your starting bid?

maybe you should of made a bid then if your interested

will transfer isk and account info when i come from work (in a hour or so) will post here when it’s done

ISK Transfered from this character and Account info sent via In-Game Mail.

Awaiting confirmation.

sorry for delay

isks recived and transfer initiated
enjoy your new pilot

Can confirm that transfer is completed!
Also character is exactly how is described in this announcement .

Thanks, and was pleasure doing business with you.


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