WTS 43m Marauder Pilot

Located in high sec, Jita
NPC corp
Positive wallet
Sec status, 10.0
No killrights

25 Starting Bid
35 B/O

I’m interested but, Skillboard link is broken

Should be working now.

28B offer

I would do it for buy out price.

35 B/O


I will Send the details and isk in few mintes

ISK and account Info has been sent

Transfer in progress, thanks

Unfortunately it has been hour and i have not received CCP email of the tranfer.

I can see that the transfer has been complete, please can you confirm that you have received it.

I can confirm the tranfer has been complete and i have received the pilot however, no email from CCP of the transfer which is odd but it is what it is. Thank you

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