[CLOSED] WTB 20-40 million SP Marauder Pilot - Any race

I am after a marauder pilot in the skill point range of 20 - 40 million. I am not looking for a ‘fixer-upper’ :stuck_out_tongue: I would entertain characters that can only just get into a marauder as a character is for the long term.

Got a char with minmatar, gallente and caldari BS at 4. Marauder at 3 and 9m SP in gunnery. Interested?

Can you link the character, I would be interested at the right price

Thinking about selling myself if the price is right. Definitely fits what you’re looking for.

How much are you looking for?

How much Yoshito?

I’ve decided to go ahead and post for sale. I’ll drop a link to you this evening once I put all the details in with starting bid and B/O price into a new post.

Tell me the buyout and we can get it sorted if it’s reasonable. I have isk ready.

I have several accounts and im not 100% sure what would be reasonable, I have an offer of 18 B Isk.

Sold to Ms Twitch for 19 bill isk.

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