WTS 41.8 mil SP Marauder V Paladin, Kronos, Vargur pilot

Selling myself. 41.8 million SP + another 375,000 unallocated. No wasted SP.
Marauders 5: Flys Kronos, Paladin, and Vargur.
Logi 5 and Caldari cruiser 5.
Perfect Gunnery support skills. Only missing large turret specializations 5.

  • All support engineering/fitting skills to 5

Cybernetics 5 with:

  • High Grade Ascendancy Alpha-Epsilon
  • WS-618 (18% warp speed)
  • Ogdin’s Eye Coordination Enhancer (6% tracking)
  • EM-805 (5% Capacitor)
  • SS-906 (Turret 6% damage)
  • LP-1006 (Large projectile 6% Damage)

Located in Jita 4-4
No Jump clones
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Good Name

Starting Bid 25 Bil
Buy Out 35 Bil

I provide 27 billion yuan, and I hope to trade as soon as possible. This is not the lowest price to express my sincerity.


Thank you for the bids this far. I plan on keeping this thread open a total of 3 days from the original posting at which point the sale will go to the highest bidder.

I hope to get the role as soon as possible, so I am willing to talk about your real price. I am willing to get it at a suitable price. Of course, if you have to wait three days anyway, I will try to wait.



30 bil


31b, Valid within 48 hours

31.2b, 24h

35 Bil B/O

Buyout accepted! Congrats! Once isk is recieved and account name provided in game I’ll begin the transfer process.


Isk and Account info received starting transfer now.