Sale Canceled

Sale canceled

24 bil

24.5 billion

30 bil

if it hits 35 I’ll accept it right now.

If not ill let it run for a bit :slight_smile:

B/O lowered


Still for sale!

30.5 bil

gonna let this run for another 24 hrs, so auction ends at 12.00 (ET) tomorrow wednesday

Character is still for sale for another 4hr 45 minutes guys!
Get it while its sexy!

Offer accepted, send space iskies & details so we can get this show on the road :slight_smile:

Accepted send isk & details

Pass this one over to Popo

He has not replied, so the first of you to send isk / details will be getting the char (at your respective offers 30.5 & 31b)

good luck with that :slight_smile:

Character is still for sale since both b/o offers aren’t replying

Current b/o 31b

Still around waiting for a new owner :slight_smile:

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