(SALE ENDED) WTS (Amarr / Caldari) 75 Million Skillpoints

WTS 75 Million Skillpoints Character with extremely good skill sets in both sub capitals and capitals.

Hello Sales Bazaar,

I am selling my beloved Beachura after many years. This character is over a decade old and I’m quite sad to see her go.

It has 75,353,094 Skillpoints and the vast majority are combat focused.

Board Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Beachura

As per the rules:

Wallet is positive
High Security Caldari Space
Security Status is 4.3
NPC Corporation
Character has no bounty
+4 Implants
I pay the transfer fee.

Highlights include:

  • Fighters V
  • Capital Energy Turret V
  • Caldari Carrier V
  • Jump Drive Calibration and Operation V
  • Amarr / Caldari race battleships to V, Cruiser V, Battlecruiser V, Destroyer V, (You get the idea).
  • Caldari Capital, Wyvern, FAX, Chimera etc.
  • Amarr Capital, Revelation etc.

This character has been loved and cared for, buyout set to sell at 62 Billion Isk.

I can be super flexible if the asking price is reasonable.

Thanks Guys.

Hello Sales Bazaar, to the top we go. :slight_smile:

Another day, To the top!

I am very much for sale, to the top we go!

I am still for sale, to the top we go.

Sale Ended, Please Close this thread.

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