I am selling myself.

I am in an NPC corp (the link has not yet updated but I am in an NPC corp at time of posting).

I am located in Bourynes (High Sec).

I have a learning clone in NPC null security station with 2x +5 and 2x+3 implants. That station is close to a quiet entry low sec system.

I have two bonus remaps available.

I have a positive balance.

I have no kill rights against me.

40B starting bid (will not accept lower).

BO: try me.

Here I am!

38 bil bo

39 bil offer

40 bil b/o

Will the character be out of its current corp and alliance before the sale?


41B , can i get?

The character has been in an npc Corp before the advert was put up. The ticker just hasnt updated yet.

Current bid 41b

42b maybe? =)

45b Bo if anyone wants it

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