Character Sold Please Delete

0.1 Sec Status
1mil positive wallet
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp
Located in Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower
1 jump clone/Location Amygnon-Citadel 101
Remap ready+2 Bonus Remaps Available

Exploration Astero in ship hangar

Will be paying for transfer - Non Plex Transfer

14 bil

How about 17 Bil

Confirming 14b, that’s about as high as I’ll be able to go…

Sorry bit low for me

Up up up

I’ll pay the 12 bil if still for sale…

I can accept the offer when back home on 2 February.
Will contact you to confirm your interest on 2’nd.

Confirming 14 bil, sorry I missed your mail Philip. Feb 2nd is fine with me.

Ok ill contact you on 2nd then.

So was 14b an accepted offer, or still for sale?

Im going to accept 14 bil as highest bid.
Thank you for your offer

Maizie_Fields 14 bil offer accepted. Please send isk and account information so i can start transfer.

Up up Still for sale.

Up up up

Sorry, was away from the game for a couple of days. I’ll honor the original bid of 14 billion. Please confirm acceptance, I’ll then send the ISK and account info.

Offer accepted. Please send isk and account information.

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks, Philip!

Isk and account information recieved and Character transfer started.

Thank You Maizie Fields

Nb! Please confirm after character transfer is completed. :slight_smile:

Transfer confirmed… ;=)