Salt BodyFuel is recruiting!

Salt BodyFuel

We are a group of small group of PVP pilots looking for 3-5 Motivated/Active individuals.

Do you hate the politics of nullsec?
Do you hate not being able to pvp due to everyone being blue?
Do you hate large corporations?

If yes to these then we are the place for you. We kill everyone that falls into our traps, we don’t ally up with others, and our goal
is to make living in nullsec the most painful experience for these large blocs.

What we offer:

An Active Leadership
Help with ships + fits
Small gang gate camps & small gang Black ops.
Solid Infrastructure


No Assholes/No showboating
Have to be self sufficient Isk/plex wise
Access to Discord and Teamspeak
A want to be involved in helping the corp grow
Preferably EU/US Timezone
Willing to learn

Our Killboard -

Join our Discord! -

Contact for Recruitment:

Godsrage (EU) or Herzog-T (US) by Private Conversation, EvE Mail, or join our In-game channel SALTpub

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Lot of Salt to farm out of these large coalitions :slight_smile:

Checkout our Killmail, we make good money with what we do

Love selling to large corporations to make isk? Try blowing their ships up and selling the components back to them!

all the salt gathered here

Message us in game or on here for any questions

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