Who are we?

We are a group of experienced players with years of wormhole living under our belts. We came together to start a new corp a few months ago and have been working hard to build our infrastructure and pvp systems to a good level. Now we are looking for more capsuleers to share with.

Our main activity times would be late EU, early US timezone and are looking to stretch this to fully encapsulate these times. We have a strong US based membership and are particularly looking to build inside the EU timezone. Our long term goal would be to have players on around the clock.

We like to scan our chain, hunt for pvp or get on with what bob gives us of a day. We dont care about killboard stats, were in it for the fun. We do whatever we can to help each other reach their goals and play the game as a team, as it should be played.

We have decent infrastructure with industry manufacturing, invention, research, moon mining, reactions, corp buyback on just about anything harvestable in wh space. We keep all our doctrines available in system so your hauling is at a minimum!

We have a few experienced FC’s and try to form up for PVP daily. We provide free destroyers to new players or capsuleers short on isk but we prefer to fly bigger stuff:

♄ Experienced FC’s
♄ Daily PVP form ups
♄ Corp fleet PVP destroyers provided FREE!
♄ C4/C2/C3 system with fantastic PI planets
♄ Friendly and fun members
♄ Corp buyback on gas, ore and sleeper salvage
♄ Massive isk opportinities in WH space
♄ Basic understanding of WH Space necessary
♄ Must be able to fly covops / astero
♄ Corp rewards scheme for kills
♄ SRP program
♄ No disrespect tolerated
♄ Discord voice comms (sorry, this is a must!)

Who are we looking for?

Anyone! Anyone who wants to be a team player, anyone that wants to get to know us and play the game via voice comms during our peak hours (although we prefer at all times). We do insist, however, that you are able to at least fly an astero and commence training into our corp doctrines as a matter of priority.

Pop in our discord for a chat.


I Look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team

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