The [-780-] Domesticated Capsuleers - Accessible Content, Active Members, Fun Culture - Looking for more Members!

Thanks for taking the time and checking out our post!

Our Corporation, the Domesticated Capsuleers [-780-], is a member of the Etsala Legion Alliance, which calls High-security Caldari space their home. Our Corp’s goal is to provide a platform for new and experienced players to enjoy the game together in a relaxed environment and culture. Many of the core members of our group were looking for an place where play-time didn’t require a bunch of commitment - it’s easy to stage out of high-sec, especially near Jita - but that left opportunities for all kinds of activities to enjoy. It’s been a nice balance thus far.

Our Corporation has a couple active/experienced FCs in the NATZ who offer PVP-oriented content including low-sec cruisin’, null-sec roams, ESS “bank-robbing”, and war-target hunting when we’re war-decc’ed. We’ve also got access to content creators who like to explore Triglavian content (Pochven space), mission-running, and mining.

One of our most popular nights is #FRIDAYNIGHTFLEETS, a “yeet-fleet” that’s recently expanded to include bank-robbing as part of our adventures in ganking mofos and fighting response fleets.

Our core members are very active in the North American time-zone within our Corp. Our home, Etsala Legion, is a very active European time-zone Alliance. This provides an excellent mix of content and opportunities in both the EU and NA sphere and gives us a chance to accommodate interested players from everywhere.

If you’re like I was some months ago, looking for a new experience that you can keep a healthy EVE/life balance without sacrificing the opportunity to try interesting and varied content, and having an active community to log-in to enjoy it with, give us a try. We’ll be happy to have your company.

Contact Koomji in-game, or send a PM here if you’re interested. Blaze it!

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