Savagerie is recruiting!

“We Start Fights – We Sometimes Win – We Always Have Fun!”

Savagerie is a fun, inclusive, PvP-focused corp, where people make friends and enjoy a wide variety of content that Eve can offer.

We enjoy adventuring all around New Eden:

  • Lowsec piracy: faction warfare and not-so-faction warfare.
  • Scrappy fights: 1v1s and small gang.
  • Nullsec and wormhole hunting: blapping ratters, catching miners, and robbing banks.
  • Corp duels and tournaments (including to decide who’s in charge!)
  • Campaigns (e.g. deployments to help friends and get stuck into bigger wars)

Savagerie is a small group of space friends who are looking to make more space friends. We enjoy fighting, having fun, hanging out on comms, and flying together when we are online. We aspire to have a welcoming environment, we like teaching and learning from each other, and exploring the universe of Eve together. Some of us have been Fleet Commanders and teachers in bigger groups, but we prefer to keep things small. If you’re a veteran player looking for a small community, or someone who has always been curious to try PvP, or a new player looking to dive into the game with a group where you can actually meet people, this is the place for you.

Some highlights:

  • Competitive but not elitist! We live for the fight! In game, we’re always looking for the next fun interaction. We spend our off-time theorizing fits. We celebrate when our killboard looks awesome – but we don’t sweat it. A bunch of red on the killboard shows we’re trying new stuff, pushing out of our regular comfort zone, and learning. We enjoy doing that together.
  • Learning and teaching! We embrace new players and veterans alike. We are a mix of seasoned warriors, new players, former nullsec group FCs and teachers who preferred smaller communities, and hardened industrialists who have recently turned their hand to PvP. We love to reflect on our fights, and to teach core PvP skills.
  • Fun and Friends! We measure our corp’s success by how much we’re laughing and having a good time, especially after a crazy fight. We love jumping on comms each night, picking an activity, and striking out looking for fights and fun. Our corp is a place to make friends.
  • Inclusive! This game is best played socially, and our aspiration is to create a place that’s welcoming to all. We welcome women, people who identify as LGBTQ+, people from countries that are not well represented in Eve, and other people in Eve who may not have found a place for them in the game yet.
  • We Build Stories! It’s a common trope that the narrative is emergent in Eve, but how does that happen? Eve is an authentic experience. Stories are built when we talk about what happens around us and what that means. We love to do this, and some of us enjoy some casual roleplay to bring it alive.

How Do I Join?

Hop into our Discord at here and say hi! One of us will follow up and we will reach out for a chat to discuss further.

Fly Savage!

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Happy holidays! Time for something fresh in Eve? Come join us and have some savage-fuelled fun \o/

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Had some awesome small-scale frigate and destroyer PvP this week. More planned for the weekend! Come say hi :slight_smile:

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We killed a Cybele today!

Recruitment is open!

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And it was glorious!

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Killed a handful of navy destroyers in a couple of frigates last night! More plans to sow our own flavour of Havoc in New Eden this weekend. Come join the party!

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