[SAYF] Sorry About Your Face RECRUITING!

Sorry About Your Face [SAYF]


Alliance : TNT
Coalition: Imperium

SAYF is a small / medium corp looking for awesome dudes to have fun with in the game we all love, EVE online.
Been around the block awhile and are looking for people to come join the ranks.

Recruiment currently : OPEN

:spades: PVP focused corp. Small gang to large scale battles
:spades: ALL USTZ
:spades: Experienced pilots including corp + alliance FC’s
:spades: Capital Supremacy
:spades: Safest / one of the richest space to mine + rat in game
:spades: Corp moons
:spades: SRP from roams to CTAs
:spades: Few CTAs
:spades: Friendly and life long friends. Close knit corp
:spades: Willing to teach and “show u da way”

Any questions or If interested join in game channel “SAYFGAMING”
or eve mail Valliate Goss or St1r in game

Or comment on fourms here and we will get back to you withing 24 hrs max :slight_smile:
Goodluck hunting for your future corp/alliance o/

We are recruiting :smiley:

:slight_smile: sitll recruting

still open!



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