Sorry About Your Face - 0.0 PvP - TNT Alliance

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Public Channel: SAYFGaming

0.0 Sov PvP Corp Covering ALL North American Time Zones.

Member of TNT Alliance

Public Channel: SAYFGaming
Discord Server

Some things we offer to members:

• TS3
• Discord
• Lot’s of active corp members to fly with
• Exposure to PVP and Tear Collection
• Ratting and Mining for your income needs
• Rorqual Mining Program (Moons, Etc)
• Small Gang to Large Massive scale PvP
• EXTREMELY Team oriented play styles a MUST.
• Access to our gaming community where we have many other players in other games for when we need to change things up a little, out of pod.


• 18+ and mature (but not TOO mature)
• Combat focused Skills and Cap Capable
• Active Eve Player
• Team player mentality
• Able to use TS3 w/ Working Headset
• Full API with application
• Must be enthusiastic about EVE PvP and join fleets, or go out PvPing with corp mates and alliance ops.

For more information join our public channel: SAYFGaming


• St1R - CEO [US West]
• Shmeals Theswagsters - Director [US Central]
• danny12343331 Dallocort - Director [US West]
• Sien Salazar - Director [US West]
• xATR0C1TYx - Director [US Central]
• Chuckey05 - Director [US East]

SAYF Recruitment is still open. Looking for a few more good pilots to join the family. Contact us for an interview, or join our public channel: SAYFGAMING

Recruitment open!

Low Sec Pew Pew let’s go

Bumping. Pre Thanksgiving Pew Pew pew Pew!


Back in 0.0, let’s get it! Come join a great team

Recruitment open, come join our discord server and have a chat. Our server is also open to the public as we are a gaming and music community as well.


Big bump!

BUMP!! Come join the fun!


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Recruitment open!

Recruiting for fun times!

Come join a great team!

Recruitment open!

“I’ve been playing this game for 7 years and killed more ■■■■ in that fight than in last 7 years” -xATR0C1TYx


Lots of action!

good group of guys. o7

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