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I think the more interesting question is: why are the Caldari so intent on holding the EDENCOM structure/ orbit of the planet?

Shouldn’t you have asked that 3 weeks ago?

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Has the question been answered somewhere?

I’m just saying it’s a little late to be asking that. The question hasn’t been answered, but the developments since the Caldari begin this campaign provide significant hints.

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For the Republic’s part, the storm planets of all local Trig Minor victory systems have been checked via orbital flyby and no abnormal activity was detected. Its possible more subversive elements exist; but nothing that has been yet detected.


I think its important enough that they almost certainly have a Koschoi overseeing the project, whether Zorya or another we have no way of knowing yet. At present the Collective is limited in their choice of ships to field; Damavik, Kikimora, Vedmak, Rodiva, Drekavac, Leshak and Zirnitra. There has been enough time for capsuleers to have proven the value of the Nergal, Draugur, Ikitursa and Zarmazd, which were designed by the Empires but never flown by Triglavian forces. They are now showing an interest in T2 technology and materials, which would give them the ability to produce these ships and also develop more advanced ships of their own.


Caldari State Protectorate forces have taken Nagamanen in the Citadel, officially ending all Gallente Federation occupations of Caldari regions!

This latest victory comes on the heels of continued successes in Placid and a masterfully executed tactical flank into the rear guard of Essence with the capture of Old Man’s Star from still regrouping FDU units. Thus far Gallente Naval officials have declined to comment on the performance of capsuleer militia groups as Federal intelligence agencies have been instructed to investigate all storm planets within Federation borders by President Aguard.

IIn additional news

  • Eugidi Constellation in Metropolis remains under complete Imperial control.

  • CONCORD instates travel advisory for the system of Amamake as it suffers intense fighting between militia forces and pirates as well as a Sansha’s Nation incursion.

  • EDENCOM Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir believed to have visited the Caldari State Chief Executive Panel at Landfall City causing significant speculation, with neither the CEP or EDENCOM making a statement thus far.

  • Significant Blood Raider Covenant cell discovered in Kehjari, destroy pirate citadel.


In ASMR-'s second exclusive interview, we delve into the life of one of UCSC’s (United Caldari Space Command) highest officers @Lambda_Thyl, Lieutenant Colonel of the State Protectorate and Fleet Commander of United Caldari Navy.

“Welcome Mr. Thyl we are so glad to have you here with us today.”

“Thank you for the opportunity, I am glad that I can represent UCSC and UCN in this edition of the State Mountain Report.”

“Let us get started. Tell us where you’ve come from, what’s your past like Lieutenant Colonel Thyl?”

“During my 12 years as a capsuleer, I have experienced many aspects of the known galaxy from highsec to nullsec, and even though WH space, but my real experience started when I joined the Caldari State in the fight against the Gallente. In the CEWPA Warzone I have found my home, interest and ambitions.”

“How did you come to join UCSC and move up the ranks to your current position?”

“To keep it brief, I used fly a lot in nullsec, but when you join a big bloc in nullsec you are just a statistical number and becoming part of a community is very hard - not to mention the numerous obligations. I needed some fresh air, so I left and moved to lowsec space, there I found UCSC. I used to command small gang fleet roams in null, experience I was able to bring to the table with me at UCN. My alliance and our members were always supportive and slowly people put more and more trust in my leadership when I called for fleets. Now I am in a leadership position, which generally means 80% organizational tasks (like recruitment, diplomacy, supply chain, membership management, etc.) and 20% in the field and only a small fraction of that is FCing fleets.”

“Tell us a bit more about your corporation and alliance, what kind of impact has UCSC had to the colonial zones nowadays?”

"I have a long history with UCSC so let me tell our alliance’s story from my perspective. I first joined early on with “UCN/UCSC 1.0” - I will explain why the “1.0” designation. At that time, the warzone was harsh, the Gallente had conquered at least 80% of the warzone and had serious firepower, manpower and dedication. The Caldari Militia was in complete disarray, and many were doubtful, when if ever they could flip the situation. As I see it, it was a very bold, but yet necessary move to start organizing CalMil from scratch with the early stage UCSC. To me this was the “golden era” and it held my rapt attention - in no small part due to our success which culminated last year when we managed to capture every system in the warzone for the Caldari State.

But back to “UCN/UCSC 1.0”. This period of disarray was the time when our corporation and alliance was born, and I believe UCSC was one of the catalyst alliances that enabled the shift of the tides. Nayrok Fenix, our CEO and leader of the alliance, managed to rally pilots and find new friends to our cause. Our forces grew rapidly, both in numbers and wealth. We had everything… structures, a capital fleet, 24/7 activity, but also the baggage that comes with such strong and rapid growth, people with personal ambitions and poor judgement. When our CEO passed on the torch, new people took over leadership and started splitting the membership with naïve ventures. A portion were deployed to nullsec (where they were terribly defeated) and another - smaller half remained in the warzone and were whittled away at. Ultimately neither group survived and so “UCN/UCSC 1.0” slowly fell apart, and while we still had some remnants flying around under the UCN banner things were grim.

Fortunately however, when the Gallente began forming treaties and recruiting pirate gangs to bolster a revengeful counteroffensive against the State, Nayrok returned to reform UCN/UCSC and successfully rallied the tattered remnants and pilots of old back, with an influx of hundreds of pilots in just a short few weeks. Reborn UCSC returned to form, just like years ago, and in 3 months UCSC became the largest Protectorate alliance in the warzone.

Now in the present, we have learned from the mistakes of the first iteration of the UCSC. We won’t sit back on our laurels, but will continue to build our alliance larger, stronger and more robust. We will continue to reach out far and wide to make friends for the State and to support our existing friends in need. UCSC will always be committed to the warzone."

“Very insightful Mr. Thyl. So moving from the past to the future, where do you see the warzone in six months based off current events?”

“I am sure a lot will change. The escalating tensions, unseen since the battle of Caldari Prime leads me to believe the warzone will get a lot more attention from nullsec empires that want to try it out or declare allegiances with the CONCORD nations. The Caldari Militia will prepare for this. UCSC are open to any diplomatic talks so that we can further bolster CalMil and make the warzone a better place and to become stronger, together! An important step towards this in my mind is that the major Caldari alliances need to come even closer together and form a new organized platform, where mutual military and economic cooperation are not just word, but also backed by actions. I think without progress on that front, the militia will face challenges.”

“Building off of that statement, what is the future for UCSC?”

"UCSC has it own challenges, though for us membership growth is not one of them, but rather “training up a new generation of State capsuleers”. Those who have joined our comms know we are a really relaxed group, we had a lot of challenge at the beginning, but now we are on the track.
We are basing our future on three key pillars:

  1. We will strengthen our diplomacy and relations further in nullsec and wormhole space.
  2. We will hone our leadership, promote new people to push further our organizational, military, industrial and recruitment agendas.
  3. Seek mutually beneficial partnerships across CalMil, a strong unified CalMil is the key to keep a stable and effective State Protectorate."

“Thank you for providing your time and knowledge Mr. Thyl Do you have any closing statements you would like to make before we go?”

"We aware that our enemies are reorganizing and that the Gallente are making every effort to recruit more capsuleer forces. Never as much as now, it is the time to think about our future and make a decision. Not on mood, egoism or self ambitions, but on an in-depth thinking on what we (as CalMil) want for our State in the coming months, the coming years, decades even. While tension is mounting all around us. I call upon everyone who is loyal to the State, to put aside any misunderstandings and past grievances and to together to so that we can tackle any challenges our enemies throw against us and the State.

In additional news



Renewed State Offensives
The State Protectorate has secured another trio of star systems within the Essence CEWPA warzone constellation from the Gallente Federation. The offensive formed as a three front push, starting with Indregulle from the West, Abune from the North and then a rounding flank in the South of the constellation. This mounting pressure on the FDU fortress constellation comes as previously staunch Gallente supporters pull out from the FDU, abandoning the warzone or even defecting to the State.

Prominent Defection
Once a vocal pilot for the FDU and Gallente Federation, @Ein_Kai has defected to the State Protectorate following an insurgency campaign stifled by a State fleet led by @Diana_Kim in Notoras after a fundamental failure in support from FDU elements, additionally being cited as describing the behavior from those in the FDU as “elitist”.

ASMR- has been able to independently confirm that @Ein_Kai has opened a new corporation within the State Protectorate named “Black Steel Angels”.
Black Steel Angels Logo

JSL Capsuleer Alliance Launched

ASMR-'s venerable backer, the Fukamichi Corporation, has launched the Saamtiuul Azkaan Yamakivaal Rymata (SAYR) Galactic alliance to further the interests of both the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, and the Kaalakiota Corporation.

SAYR Galactic launches with a trio of corporations including the Achur-State-Mountain-Report but additionally includes Sonset Industrial and the executor Fukamichi Corporation. Any capsuleers or corporations that are loyal to Sukuuvestaa or Kaalakiota are encouraged to join SAYR Galactic as we approach YC124’s Caldari Union Day celebrations. Click here to join SAYR’s Communication Platform

In additional news

  • Kirjuun! reports on KIKEN Labor Union Surveys.

  • Amarr Empire strengthens border security with continued mounting tensions during Foundation Day celebrations.

  • Caldari Forces continue to maintain stable control over Serthoulde Constellation.

  • Capsuleer State Loyalists plan eagerly for Union Day as morale soars across the State.


Dear Editor:

Moitte to the honorable Fukamichi Corporation for the launch of their new capsuleer combine. The ASMR news platform performs a valuable service and it is a pleasure to read your regular reports on the warzone. I have a special neocom chime to alert me to your content every week.

However, I wish to respectfully lodge a complaint with your latest issue from YC124.8.8. I was positively shocked and appalled that the venerable State Mountain Report republished a direct link to a hive of known dissidents and traitors notorious for connections to the CEP Spire Bombings. I can only assume this was unintentional oversight, perhaps the work of a subversive plant in your editing room. I hope my warning allows you to take the necessary steps to preserve public face.

Sincerely your kirjuun,

Henrik Suzaku, STK CMDR



Navy Issues New Orders
The Caldari Navy has renewed orders for Caldari loyalist units in securing the Serthoulde constellation of Placid as Gallente naval build up and intercepted chatter has indicated an imminent offensive to take the constellation from the Caldari State!

Caldari Navy Infrastructure Expansions in Aokinen Constellation
Additional construct sites have been discovered in Samanuni, Uuhulanen, and Onnamon bringing the number so far to a total of nine different project sites. In collaboration with local pilots and Saamtiuul Azkaan Yamakivaal Rymata [SAYR-], a datasheet logging publicly available information has been produced and is available for viewing.

In additional news



Caldari State Completes Stargate Construction Project

The Stargate project in development since late July has been completed ahead of its expected schedule thanks to the vigorous and tireless efforts of the State’s loyal capsuleer units operating in the Serthoulde constellation!

The project is heralded as a significant step towards improving the value of the Serthoulde constellation on the whole and opens potential new trade routes.

State Navy Begins Securing Triglavian Data

Through the diligent investigation conducted by the Caldari Navy, a significant number of mysterious Triglavian relay sites have been discovered and secured by the Navy. A research facility has been constructed in Samanuni where all loyal capsuleers are encouraged to turn in data collected from these sites. Independent capsuleers are advised to affirm their support of the State by enlisting with the State Protectorate either alone, or with their registered corporation. Any non-Protectorate forces will be engaged and destroyed by State forces to ensure Triglavian data does not end up in the wrong hands.

A special report, the first of its kind has been posted by ASMR, we ask that any comments, insights, or additional information be posted only on the special report’s thread. Thank you.

In additional news



Turnur System Devastated by Solar Event Disaster!

Following the destabilization of Turnur’s star earlier last week the star of Turnur released an intense radiation and plasma burst that has led to possibly millions and millions of casualties as the surface of Turnur I has been torched and cracked.

Additionally multiple capsuleer operated facilities in planetary orbits and in proximity to the star were destroyed as defensive systems completely failed to the plasma burst released by the star.

Even the better shielded Minmatar Republic Parliament Bureau appears to have barely weathered the storm, with significant external structural damage and reports of casualties aboard the station.

Amarr / Minmatar Militaries Alert Status Heightened!

Both the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic naval forces have heightened their readiness to the highest alert that is not outright full scale war. CONCORD and neutral parties are desperate to keep the situation contained before it spreads beyond the CEMWPA zone.

Fears For Vard and Egmar Mount

Following a disaster, the likes of which only shy of the infamous Seyllin Incident, the likelihood of similar mass plasma and radiation ejection incidents occurring at the remaining two transmuter sites in Egmar and Vard which remain active despite being captured by Minmatar Fleet units some time ago is on many people’s minds.


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Caldari Freighter spotted in Intaki


Just hours after independent observers spotted the “TCS Inchoate Broker” in Athounon, a Rhea freighter and escorting Chimera class carrier bearing Taayusaka Eskeitan transponders jumped into the Intaki system near a capsuleer managed Raitaru. In short order the pair left after the Rhea presumably deposited and/or withdrew cargo aboard the Raitaru.

When reached for comment a Taayusaka Eskeitan representative had little to say about the matter.

“Rest assured that all Taayusaka Eskeitan operations in both systems abide by the regulations of the Concord Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110.”

Gallente Federation raises Intaki security rating to 0.5

Following the invasion of Intaki by the Federation Navy late last year as well as the creation of the “Viriette Special Military District”, the Gallente Federation has been incrementally increasing the security standing of the system with CONCORD, today YC125/2/28 marks the introduction of the Intaki System into the High-Security category as the system rating has moved from 0.4 to 0.5. The most notable impact this has is the restriction on capsuleer operated capital ships and cynosural field generation as neither are permitted to operate in high-security space by CONCORD.

Intaki Extremist Organization “Tears of Reschard” Vows Retaliation Against Federation Forces

In a letter addressed to multiple news outlets including The Scope, Ishukone-Raata Certified News and Achur-State-Mountain-Report, the leader of the Tears of Reschard group declared attacks against the Federation Navy, the Office of the President and the United Republics of Aristidia.

These attacks came shortly after in the form of several bombings aboard Gallente Federation station facilities in Amygnon, Intaki and Parts.

The improvised explosives, disguised as shipping containers resulted in several mass casualty incidents, with sources in the United Republics of Aristidia reporting 200,000 deaths aboard the Garun Station in Amygnon alone.


Caldari State Repatriation Policies Unfold As Galactic Tensions Rise


The impacts of the CEP’s meeting at the end of last month continue to see reactions by agitators. The meeting lead to two significant policy changes across the State. All big eight mega-corporations are recalling extraterritorial non-essential employees which are citizens of the State. In addition, there was also the announcement of a new rationing program on numerous commodities with limits determined by an employee’s corporate classification.

Across the State isolated protests and agitations have shifted into the background with a new illegal “union” taking the forefront of attention following their hijacking of State broadcast channels yesterday evening. In a declaration narrated by Sumalee Daeng, a former and disavowed representative of the Wiyrkomi Corporation State Union (WCSU), the “United Champions of Freedom” made multiple demands of the State and the CEP. The “UCF” also indicated they were behind the theft of multiple assets produced at Megacorporation Security Plants of materiel intended for the Caldari Navy.

This latest rogue action comes despite assurances from Caldari State Customs officials confirming relaxations on repatriated citizen workers transfers of both property and funds back to State territories

Prior to the appearance of the illegal “UCF” organization, CEP Chairman Akimaka Saraki had stated that,

“All Caldari understand the values of Honor, Loyalty, and Duty. Only shirkers and traitors would refuse to do their part when called to service.”

Since their appearance a number of officials have given responses. The WCSU for their part have condemned the “UCF”, with a WCSU representative stating,

(the UCF are) - “agitators who refuse to do their duty in a time of war.”

Another face familiar to Union members of Sukuuvestaa and Kaalakiota workers, @Niina_Eskola-Fae also made a condemning response, comparing the “UCF” to the infamous “Brothers of Freedom” terrorist group, saying,

The Labor Nationalist movement will not support this bourgeoisie “revolution” that only aims to sacrifice the workers of the State to the Federation on the alter of foreign capital. The Labor-Nationalist vanguard remains loyal to the State, and aims to ensure the safety and security of JSL cities and territory to the hilt. From Myrskaa to Waschi City, these false-revolutionaries will not be tolerated. I strongly encourage the workers of Kaalakiota and SuVee to follow in kind and support other loyalist agencies to quell this revolt.

Executive General Heika Torigo also issued a warning to the “UCF” in a statement given to the SCOPE.

“The State will not tolerate the theft of State assets or disruption of our critical infrastructure. Any who plan to participate in such activities can expect to feel the full force of the law. Though we always aim to resolve industrial disputes peacefully, we will not be cowed or held hostage by criminal and rebels.”

Galactic Tensions Continue to Rise Across New Eden

Tensions across the galaxy are increasing at a fever pitch, violence has spread throughout the Gallente Federation following the aggressive and racially driven rhetoric of Federation Senator Thibauld Tailler. The violence has been targeted almost exclusively at foreign establishments and businesses, primarily those of a Caldari background. This comes at a time that the Federation has been rapidly militarizing and centralizing power across their space with the “United Response Act” which has been touted and pushed by Federation President Celes Aguard.

The increasing federal power and militarization over the Federation’s member districts coincides with a renewed Federal Defense Union counteroffensive that has pushed through a significant number of systems in the Serthoulde Constellation of Placid, where just last year an EDENCOM Facility was salvaged by Caldari Navy and State Protectorate forces.

In additional news

  • Guristas Pirates Carry Out Attack on State Peacekeepers Troop Transport in Syndicate Seizing Warclone Technology.
  • CONCORD’s AG12 Office Calls in Khanid Military Representatives Following Rumors of Advanced Dreadnought Testing.
  • Caldari Navy Marines Institute Lockdowns of “Critical Military Zones” Simultaneous to Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Troops Carry Out Sweeps of Jita 4-4 Trade Hub “Dark Sectors” as Protests Spread.
  • Spacelane Patrol Forces Handover Large Number of “Criminal Agitators” from Jita 4-4 Moon Colony to Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Following Ration Protests.
  • Lai Dai Protection Services Mobilizes Security Forces in Kinakka as Strikes Reported Across Mining and Processing Colonies.
  • Former Associate of Esri Hakuzosu Reportedly Found Dead in Nuken System.
  • Caldari State Protectorate Forces Secure Indregulle in Flanking Maneuver on the Essence Region Front.
  • SAYR Galactic begins groundwork for new planetary office facilities on Achur.

Tranquility Trading Consortium Closing Its Doors


In an explosive domino effect following the separation of The Initiative alliance from the Imperium Coalition which has been covered by the SCOPE; the Imperium has withdrawn its shares and membership from the Tranquility Trading Consortium (TTC).

Executor of the Imperium Coalition, Asher Elias, announced that the Imperium Coalition would no longer be involved with the TTC citing issues with the existing membership of the organization as well as CONCORD’s moratorium on New “XL Structures” in High Security Space announced yesterday.

This dominoed into the Fraternity Alliance also withdrawing from the TTC. In an internal announcement that was posted on public communication channels, leadership announced that they had concluded to also remove themselves from the Consortium and that “the timing is perfect”.

Another major player in TTC, Pandemic Horde, also had a statement released into public channels. Executor Gobbins, indicated that they have no problem with the closing of the Consortium and went on to say that all associated structures under the TTC’s purview would begin un-anchoring. Further on, he hit back at the statement made by Asher Elias, going on to list three points of contention with the Imperium’s announcement and portrayal of events behind closed doors.

The rapid withdrawal of support from multiple major powers in the TTC has caused massive market moves in the Forge. Within just hours many market items such as Skill Injectors had large quantities of sell orders in the Tranquility Trading Tower canceled and the products subsequently moved to the Caldari State’s iconic Jita 4-4 Trade Hub.

Only time will tell if the structures currently under TTC’s stewardship will successfully un-anchor or what the long-term market effects will ultimately be as potential opportunists weigh the positives and negatives in filling any potential market share hole TTC leaves in its wake.

In additional news

  • Mercomesier Falls to Continued Gallente Federation Counter Offensive in Placid.
  • Significant SARO & FIO Activity Continues in Eugales After Arcology and Rogue Drone Intelligence Facilities Destroyed in Engagements with Triglavian Svarog forces on Eugales IV.
  • CEP Chairman Akimaka Saraki Attends Mass Induction of New Military Conscripts at Landfall Shrine on New Caldari Prime.
  • Guristas Pirates Raid in Syndicate Region Foiled by Caldari Navy & Intaki Space Police Units Resulting in Significant Casualties.
  • Gallente Federation Senator on the Run After Being Expelled from Senate.
  • Gallente Federation Navy Facilities Raided by new Ultra-Nationalist Terrorist Organization.


Tranquility Trading Consortium Announces Continuing Service Despite Losses


In spite of the Tranquility Trading Tower’s destruction on the 23rd of last month in which over 2500 pilots were confirmed to participate in the Keepstar’s destruction by CONCORD Combat Logging, the Tranquility Trading Consortium has announced today that it intends to continue operating and serving three systems with Upwell citadel structures.

The systems of Perimeter and New Caldari will continue to be fully served with the existing structures. The Sotiyo in Perimeter, Tranquility Production Center, has been redesignated Tranquility Trading Center and will now support the Forge Regional Market for buy & sell orders.

The facilities in Iyen-Oursta however will be reduced to only the Sotiyo, with all other structures deployed in the system planned to be unanchored within the next two months.