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The Fukamichi Corporation in collaboration with the Sukuuvestaa and Kaalakiota Mega-Corporations is proud to present the launch of a new informational media venture, The Achur-State-Mountain-Report!

What is A.S.M.R.?

The Achur-State-Mountain-Report represents a new effort on the part of the JSL Partnership to form a news competitor with the Gallente media giants and state competitors as well.

ASMR’s mission statement is to cover a diverse set of news ranging in scope and significance, to ensure that there is something for every State citizen!

How will A.S.M.R. achieve this goal?

ASMR pursues this goal through affiliated reporters and sources across the State. Have something you, the consumer would like us to cover or would like to join our affiliate program? We’d love to hear you out via an IGS direct communique or via a private mail to @Thadius_Faran.

  • Mercury Arms Inc. forces skirmish with pirate gatecamps following gains against FEDEF occupations.

  • Federal units trapped in Immuri, Teimo expected to surrender shortly, following similar results from blockades in Iwisoda and Raihbaka earlier this week.

  • Amarrian Churchgoer makes unsubstantiated claims against smash hit Achur show, “Saisio Eskeitan”.

  • Caldari Protectorate Major “3brand” tops killboard for the State with 84 kills for the past 7 day duration.



In a show of force and determination, combined units of the Mercury Arms and State Public Defenders conducted grueling joint-operations across the colonial development zone today. Ending 3 Gallente occupations and securing an additional 3 systems in the Placid and Verge Vendor regions.

For numerous hours these brave Caldari pilots methodically and systematically rooted out Gallente naval units trapped within Black Rise, abandoned by their capsuleer supporters most Federation units surrendered without resistance. Within hours the systems of Pavanakka, Immuri and Teimo were freed from occupation. Continuing a trend of rapid recovery of State systems from brief Gallente occupation and looting.

Sources within Mercury Arms indicated good moral and a number of sanctioned images were released by Fleet Commander Aulorana Equlisers. When reached for comment, CEO @Corvus_Onzo simply responded with “I-Hub bashes are boring”.

The successes continued as several strikes were made across the regional gaps, into the systems of Oicx and Alsavoinon early in today’s campaign and then further expanding the front in the central low security area of Placid, with the routing of Gallente forces in the system of Ouelletta to round off the operations.

Gallente Federal Navy representatives could not be reached for comment, but insider information indicates great alarm and concern behind closed doors. Federation aligned capsuleer forces appeared to show little to no deployments in response until towards the end of Protectorate operations, with a fleet reported deploying to Tannolen after failing to respond to the distress calls of trapped Gallente service members in Ouelletta in time.

According to a historian on the matter of today’s events, they match the existing record for most systems secured by Caldari forces in a single day, that being six.


Today, a Federal Defense Union carrier was caught by State forces as it conducted anti-Triglavian as well as anti-Caldari disruption operations in the Serthoulde constellation.

Per an After-Action-Report from State aligned pilots in the 103rd Sublimation Group corporation, Gallente capsuleer frigate and destroyer forces began scouting and patrolling at 15:00 NEST.

103rd forces responded and skirmishes began in earnest, following poor trades against the 103rd fleet, the Gallente forces comprised of Pole Dancers, Gorkhali, and aligned pirate pilots disengaged briefly to deploy a carrier, before re-forming and deploying a Stargate blockade in Mercomesier on the Athounon gate.

Following a set of cross-gate feints from each side, and further losses on the Gallente side, the Thanatos flagship chose to gate into Athounon and engage the 103rd directly on the stargate in what can only be described as a spectacular miscalculation.

Aggressed on the Athounon side, the Thanatos found itself pinned by two Triglavian Disintegrator Werposts with a Triglavian reinforcement fleet also arriving on the stargate shortly after fire was returned.

Swarmed by combined 103rd and Triglavian Collective forces the carrier was quickly torn apart, a chain reaction of explosions culminated in a massive reactor failure detonation that shattered the carrier. Surviving escape pods and frigate escorts quickly withdrew, leaving the field and the system of Athounon once again firmly in State control. The carrier was estimated at a value just shy of 3.5 billion ISK on the popular kill reporting galsite zKillboard.

When reached for comment, Wing Commander @Remilia_Malitia responded enthusiastically and once again called for Caldari and Triglavian forces to cooperate and work together.

  1. “This is a monumental victory, not only for depriving the Federation’s deplorable privateers of another capital vessel, but for showcasing the potential a co-operative relationship with the Collective could hold for us. We can only hope that this will aid our honorable Executives reach a favorable decision regarding the Kigurosaka Initiative in these coming days. Glory to the State!”

Athounon, a system that saw attention from the Triglavian Collective during the invasions, is designated as a Minor Victory system for them and their forces and sentries are regularly spotted within the system.

In recent weeks, Wing Commander @Remilia_Malitia led the charge that overtook the system from Gallente control and has been pushing efforts to bring Caldari and Triglavian representatives to the discussion table, first on an Astrahus class Citadel, then later a more secured planetary facility on the sixth planet.

In other news.


The Thanatos kill was a well executed trap. As ever, calmil may be outgunned but never outfought.
One of my Saitsuo aces, “3brand” was also a principal party and has been decorated following this glorious sortie. Congratulations to the 103rd for their ongoing iron defense of Athounon.

With that said, respectfully, I find Commander Malitia’s optimism premature and slightly presumptive toward our chief executives. Time will tell the fate of Kigurosaka.


Merely optimistic. It is not my place to make any such decisions or presume to know better than the CEP, of course. I am merely willing to facilitate dialogue should they elect to pursue it.

As I have said before, the Kigurosaka Initiative would be suspended immediately should the order to do so be issued.



In the past twenty four hours NEST, Caldari Navy Forces have been bolstered with additional unit deployments in the Caldari Border Zone Constellation and the Kantanen Constellation.

No official statement has been publicly provided yet, however these deployments mirror Gallente Federation Customs high alert deployments that began earlier last month as reported by the SCOPE.

Additionally, another, smaller Caldari Navy deployment has occurred in the Athounon system in Placid. These navy fleets appear to be patrolling the space in orbit of the system’s planetary bodies, including a previously never before seen EDENCOM structure in orbit of Athounon V.

Exclusive footage recorded by one of our news correspondents, @Arnaya_Oriai_Rotsuda shows the structure surrounded by a small gaseous dust field that appears to be a plasma storm of some kind, periodically causing the structure to decloak and then recloak.

In other news.

On Friday, ASMR will reveal our sit down with @Henrik_Suzaku for the Report’s first interview!


ADDENDUM YC124 6/16 NEST 3:29
Sources now confirm that deployments have also occurred in the Okela Constellation of Lonetrek as well.


Today we have a special interview one on one with @Henrik_Suzaku, Strike Commander of the State Protectorate and Watch Commander of Saitsuo Interstellar Security.

“Let’s get straight to it Commander, tell us a bit about where you’ve come from, what’s your history Commander Henrik?”

"I hail from Suroken, a proud product of the New Youth Initiative. My mother is Hyasyoda. In youth, my vocational scores were suited for military placement and my genopsych evaluation made me a capsule candidate. For this reason I eventually settled on a spaceborne career, but was turned down for capsuleer training due to an implant allergy.

Therefore I joined the War Academy on officer track. Those were good days for me, though turbulent for the State. I remember that was when I became completely fascinated by Raata history and reconstructionism. Traditional fencing, music, poetry, archeology. You can probably find a few of my pieces from the Academy periodical on the nets, but my highlight was a brief feature on This Is The State. I thought that might just be the peak of my career."

“You say you were turned down for capsuleer training initially due to implant complications, how did you get around that problem to find yourself a capsuleer today?”

"Thanks to the Osmon Values and Loyalty Grant. It was an experimental initative aimed at addressing concerns with the current crop of Caldari capsuleers. If you look at the state of the industry in New Eden today, it’s dreadful. Just dreadful. In my opinion, the majority of independent capsule pilots suffer from severe psychological and emotional damage after just a few years. Clearly we place far too much emphasis on physical compatibility and not enough on other factors. That’s what OVLG thought, too, [though] I digress.

I was serving as a Captain in the Navy and was very fortunate to receive an offer from the Grant. Naval officers and other high trust positions thought to hold more heiian personalities were the main place they looked for candidates. I had met Olaf Rezeki once during my career and perhaps that was one reason my name made it to the final list. It turned out that in the time since my first assessment, manufacturing advancements had made it possible to create the specific implant I needed with different materials. They believed this would allow me to survive the procedure. They were correct."

“Fascinating, lets move on to the next question. Is there any event or battle in particular you’d like to discuss from your past?”

“The most important one is probably the Battle of Fliet. I will ramble on for days about Fliet, though.” Laughs “You’ll have to be more specific.”

“Can you summarize it a bit for us?”

"I’ve never seen carnage like it, before or since. I have been told it was the bloodiest single conflict in the history of the War Powers Act in terms of isk destroyed. By capsuleer numbers it was small: local transponders rarely registered over a hundred. But the intensity was fierce. Wave after wave after wave clashed around the clock for two weeks in a single system. Fliet, encircled capitol of Aideron Robotics.

All four militias participated as well as several notable pirate groups. In the end, Caldari-Amarr forces seized the infrastructure hub following a pitched final engagement. For a militia whose legacy included Hasmijaala, Asakai and Sujarento, Fliet was something of a turning point."

“Impressive!, so tell us a bit more about your corporation and alliance, what kind of impact has SPD had to the area nowadays?”

“SPD Task Force is a Protectorate military group administered by the State Public Defenders alliance. This can be confusing because ‘SPD’ can in fact refer to two things - the core alliance, which is currently the largest in Calmil - or the broader body of alliance, militia and independent pilots that fly under SPD comms and regulations. Not even all of our regular fleet commanders are in the alliance, you see. Most of our fleets are also open to any entity willing to work toward State objectives and take orders. In general, we do not discriminate on any basis besides operational security. For this reason some have made a limited comparison between us and ‘NPSI’ groups like ‘Spectre Fleet’ or ‘Bombers Bar’.”

“Much has changed, but our core mission remains the same since the founding days of Raven and Lugh. I’d say that includes: fostering cooperation between the various militia corps and alliances, providing an inclusive, public-facing organization for new pilots and small groups and a well moderated ‘public square’ for the militia to communicate, advertise and share intelligence.”

“What’s in the future for SPD?”

“As long as I remain at the helm we’ll stay the course. There’s growing concern the war between the State and Federation may be escalating. Who knows what the future holds? I believe in our eventual victory.”

“Building off that, my final question is, where do you see the warzone in six months based off current events?”

"The Protectorate as it stands is better organized, larger and better provisioned than the FDU. It is a hard won position we have gained by the blood, sweat and tears shed on a litany of sieges. While we are dominant, our victories are far from decisive. The warzone is so large no force can reliably hold any constellation past arm’s reach for long. Any number of factors could upend the situation in completely unpredictable ways - whether a new militia force, interference from the sovnull pirates or incursions by the Navy of either side. I hesitate to make any sweeping predictions.

Further, the true masters of the warzone remain the pirate cartel Snuffed Out and their web of associates. In this regard little has changed nor does change appear near. We are unlikely to see either militia consolidate gains past a certain level as long as we remain under their shadow.
Six months ago the entirety of the Gallente militia was under the control of a single kybernaught scoundrel. That seems to be finally changing, and with it the FDU’s relationship to the local pirate groups."

“It is an uncertain time.”

“Very true, do you have any closing statements you’d like to say before we go Commander?”

“Glory and honor to the State and Hyasyoda Okusaika.”

“Thank you for being with us today Commander Suzaku”

In additional news

To round things off with today’s report, ASMR is currently recruiting, anyone interested in the following roles is encouraged to EVE-Mail @Naomi_Hakashi , our lovely producer.

  1. Reporter (Follow up and actively seek out stories)
  2. Editor (Review and edit reports, articles and scripts)
  3. Narrator (Narrate visual media and conduct audio interviews)
  4. Sound Designer (Ensure visual media audio is balanced and engaging)
  5. Report Correspondent (Send in news such as AARs or anything else from your corporation or organizational entity at your own pace!)

BREAKING NEWS!!! YC124 6/19 NEST 19:00

Following a week long besiegement, the system of Innia in the Inolari constellation has been cleared of Gallente forces. The last hold out of FDU occupational control in the western Black Rise area, it was fiercely defended by their remaining units until it succumbed to the pressure of multiple targeted fleet deployments from numerous Protectorate entities.

During the inital days of the offensive operation Gallente morale was rather high, with one pilot in public local communication channels proclaiming it would take Caldari forces 4 years to capture the system.
Aideron Pilot statement during the initial offensives.

By the 18th of the month however, despite consistent skirmishes and Gallente activity, the recovery of the system by Caldari forces was all but assured with strong deployments by locally garrisoned forces in Mercury Arms. and deployments from other large Caldari forces traditionally stationed in other sectors of the colonial zone.

In all. the siege of Innia involved 87 capsuleer pilots flying for the State and representing 19 corporations and 5 alliances with losses estimated at 2.6 billion ISK in total.

The occupying Gallente forces were made up of 28 pilots, 13 corporations and 3 alliances primarily based out of the captured station within the system itself with losses estimated at 3.5 billion ISK in total.

Below our viewers can find a complete list of all pilots involved on either side and the relevant battle report sources. Entries are listed based on organization number representation during the siege with CEOs listed first if involved. Some entries are not official members of Protectorate or FDU forces but fought alongside them during the siege.


  • Mercury Arms Inc.

    1. Corvus Onzo
    2. archillae
    3. Roewn Penshar
    4. aylorana equlisers
    5. BoomBangGone
    6. Vouid
    7. Talisker04
    8. Lady Dhragg
    9. Tovanis
    10. Bulldops
    11. Kepenaari Hakomairos
    12. Nuke Blast
    13. oo7styler
    14. GreenHorns
    15. Saikyou Gabu
    16. Xitron
    17. Oakatsura
    18. Arnaya Oriai Rotsuda
  • United Caldari Space Command. (1 corporation)

    1. Nayrok Fenix
    2. Lambda Thyl
    3. Anso Mabata
    4. Irish death Tazinas
    5. Remoxis
    6. Seniranide Arrivalis
    7. Capitol One
    8. Rii Tabane
    9. Anso Mabata
    10. Turkhan
    11. Raven1167
    12. Embyra
    13. Moroz Enderas
    14. Derius Reinholdt
    15. Combat Womba7
    16. SirWilder
    17. mchlhldr
    18. Basement Goblin
  • State Public Defenders (3 Corporations)

    1. Henrik Suzaku
    2. Corevas
    3. Larkin Thorn
    4. Thorne Brambleton
    5. black axis
    6. Dog’s Bow Lux
    7. 3brand
    8. se edno
    9. Tian Zaharin
    10. Darvon Kentally
    11. Loki0s Ijonen
    12. Mica Nolen
    13. Everett Chill
    14. Tian Zaharin
    15. Shino Norba
    16. Abdul Skywalker
    17. Luka Zaharin
    18. Modern dwarf
  • State Protectorate

    1. jaimitococletadejamoon
    2. Stekarns
    3. Chuknuk Purys Nocab
    4. Diana Kim
    5. Asytuf G B
    6. Tectoner KLEEN
    7. Alanen Aihaken
    8. Krazy Krish
    9. Maximus d decimus
    10. Alanen Aihaken
    11. JBloc
    12. Captain Pritcher
  • Templis CALSF (1 Corporation)

    1. Scylus Black
    2. Shahai Shintaro
    3. Valmoth Catoblepas
    4. lupercale
    5. Jerbear Native
  • Somos Eve

  1. Enlon Huesos
  2. crazy bullets
  3. Duvalyxon Duhalls TixTix
  4. El Influencer Hulk
  • 103rd Sublimation Group

    1. Remilia Malitia
    2. Kranacoi Halvora
  • Venatores

    1. Junko Maki
    2. Timothy Baldur
  • Blue Canary

    1. Phantomite
  • your boyfriend’s girlfriend (1 corporation)

    1. Convicte
  • New Eden Training on Speed

    1. Dace Cad
  • Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive (1 corporation)

    1. Trev10
  • Starlink Research

    1. Lisvane
  • Exotic Dancers Union

    1. Rovinia
  • Manitou Island Transit

    1. Case Inyokern
  • The Dirty Gimlets

    1. PsychoCrypt Aivoras


  • Percussus Resurgo.

    1. Alamar Caledane
    2. Culaure
    3. Ceasar mead
    4. thousand rain
    5. Dash Zapfod Arrower
    6. Cal Stantson
    7. Lux Lightwing
  • Order of the Black Dagger

    1. JAk oliver
    2. Dewgong
    3. Jessie Arr

    1. Elecon Amatin
    2. Braldye Sinma
  • Aideron Robotics

    1. Ryan-Carter
    2. Bernhardt Powell
    3. musashi Tsuruomo
  • Federal Defense Union

    1. Sam Maulerant
    2. Songene Hiddenleaf
    3. Target Secondary
  • Tribal Liberation Force

    1. Thrasher Austrene
    2. Tokar Rania
    3. Carloman Hekki
  • Peaceful Explorers

    1. Fiona Einsen
  • Royal Amarr Institute

    1. Khruzad Spacerat
  • Runnin With Scissors

    1. comader shawn
  • Moumoon

    1. gege shuai
  • The Pole Dancers (1 corporation)

    1. kwasimono tradia
  • Horngry

    1. Honest-Mistake
  • RAZOR Alliance (1 corporation)

    1. Lucian Lockard

This information is sourced from BR Reports from the duration of the 13th of the month, to the 19th just after the I-Hub was stormed and secured by Caldari marines. These reports are filtered with unaffiliated forces represented on the left, Caldari forces in the middle, and Gallente forces on the right.

13th Battle Report YC124 Siege of Innia

14th Battle Report YC124 Siege of Innia

15th Battle Report YC124 Siege of Innia

16th Battle Report YC124 Siege of Innia

17th Battle Report YC124 Siege of Innia

18th Battle Report YC124 Siege of Innia

19th Battle Report YC124 Siege of Innia

(Edited with additional imagery)


Glory to the State.

Note: for the record, it should be noted that Colonel Corvus Onzo is an excellent sportsman, and a man of his word.


Way to go everyone! #forthestate #alignsun


Excellent reporting! Thank you most kindly! :+1:

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Caldari Forces have secured the Serthoulde constellation systems of Odamia and Alamel despite inconsistent yet considerable Gallente resistance in the area. Achur-State-Mountain-Report is currently working on an in-depth and informative video to further cover the developing situation and war on-going in this western edge section of the Placid region, stay tuned for further information!

Caldari Forces have also secured the system of Notoras in the Black Rise region, with the charge there primarily led by the infamous @Diana_Kim ending the Gallente occupation despite capsuleer support from the Federation Front Line alliance in the system. This marks Oinasiken as the last system in Black Rise occupied by Gallente Federation forces.


ASMR- is proud to present our first full news holovid broadcast covering the lead up and first day of the Caldari Navy and State Protectorate’s Serthoulde Campaign!

In addition to the holovid’s content we have worked to produce another battle report encompassing the entire constellation as well as the system of Anchauttes from the time the Navy issued its amended orders, to the end of the day. This BR follows the same format as the previous Innia ones with unaffiliated reports and entities on the left, Caldari forces in the middle column and Gallente on the right.

Production will begin shortly for our follow up coverage on this campaign, stay tuned for more!



The latest development from the Serthoulde Campaign! Following an initial reinforcement of the 103rd Sublimation Group’s Astrahus headquarters in Athounon several days ago, Caldari units deployed in force to defend the structure’s repair timer today, utilizing a dependable Ferox doctrine the defensive fleet positioned itself just a minute before the repair countdown started.

The Gallente attackers arrived minutes later in a large Harbinger heavy fleet and both sides began unleashing volleys with the Gallente trading unfavorably before even more Caldari reinforcements arrived as a second Ferox fleet arrived under the Brave Collective & Brave United banners. Despite continued attempts to fight both the Ferox fleets, and the Astrahus itself the Gallente taskforce’s logistics wing crumbled under the combined pressure and the additional factors of poor positioning.

As the Gallente began withdrawing a United Fleet Cerberus gang arrived and successfully picked off several stragglers, ending the brief bloodbath decisively in favor of Caldari forces which continue to maintain a strong control over the constellation as ordered by Brigadier General Heika Torigo.

The full Battle Report for this engagement can be found here, following the same format as previously released BRs, with 3rd parties on the left, Caldari in the middle column and Gallente on the right.



Achur State Mountain Report has received exclusive footage depicting the boarding of the EDENCOM Structure in Athounon! More information as the story continues to develop!



Following a reinforcement of a Gallente Astrahus in Alparena, (the scene of several battles earlier in the campaign) the structure once again served as the set piece for a large scale firefight with multiple independent pirate and capsuleer fleets making their presence felt.

Caldari Forces arrived on grid first with a contingent of Cerberus Heavy Assault Cruisers, intent on grinding down the Gallente structure, but a fleet made up of “Dock Workers” pilots in Harbingers with a Guardian logistics wing. Some reports indicate they were intended to be there as a supporting group but shots were exchanged between the two fleets as a small force of Gallente defenders also appeared on the battlegrid.

According to one of the I-RED pilots on-grid, the Gallente defenders began to instigate the Dock Worker fleet over local communication channels saying “Stupid stuff”, resulting in the Dock Worker fleet redirecting their laser laden Harbingers against the token Gallente fleet on-grid.

Thus a three way fight briefly ensued until a fourth fleet, headed by Deepwater Hooligans, arrived on grid in a large fleet mainly comprised of Legions and began laying waste to the Dock Workers fleet and a destroyer wing of the Caldari fleet.

Out numbered and out-shipped, the Caldari FCs called for a quick withdrawal to preserve the Cerberus fleet as Deepwater finished what the State started, decimating the Astrahus until it’s reactor melted down in a final large explosion.

The final battle report is available here. Of note, the Gallente forces lost an estimated 10 billion ISK in assets, and the destruction of their staging Astrahus marks yet another in a long line of strategic victories for State forces in the Serthoulde campaign.


That was excellent reporting! Any chance for interviews with the FCs or any of the opposing militia? Thank you for your hard work!


First off, we at ASMR- would like to briefly apologize for the lapse in coverage as many of our staff and our heads @Thadius_Faran & @Naomi_Hakashi were attending a funeral ceremony this past week. With that said…


Caldari Protectorate forces have further strengthened their positions in the Serthoulde Constellation, over the past week securing the Esesier system and just in the past twenty four hours pushing South through Placid taking the system Aubenall.

Sources indicate that much of the Federal Defense Union forces have chosen to cut further losses, and abandoned efforts to retake Serthoulde or the surrounding area, instead choosing to consolidate at the FDU headquarters in Fliet.

Developments from Athounon itself also continued today, with the release of a second video recording of the boarding action Caldari Marines have taken aboard the EDENCOM structure. First released and broken by the Arataka Research Consortium.

In other news.

  • The Minmatar Republic celebrates its Liberation Day once again with the return of re-enactment events and renewed Capsuleer cooperative mining operations with Republic Fleet Ordnance .

  • Minmatar Republic Fleet deploys rapid response fleets to “key borders” in new staging facilities on Stargate grids.


The Achur-State-Mountain-Report has opened a public direct messaging platform and YOU are invited!



In a sudden frenzy of activity Minmatar and Amarr capsuleer forces have been ordered into mobilization for control of Eugidi constellation and Flosewin star system. This follows the heightened alert status of Republic Fleet units in border systems across Minmatar space. This is a developing story, further coverage and information to follow!

  • Minmatar Republic suspends Yulai Accords across the Eugidi Constellation. Announces invasion campaign

  • Republic Fleet Reactivates planetary invasion alert status in Flosewin Star System

  • Amarr Imperial Navy declares counter insurgency operations in Eugidi Constellation

  • Amarr militia units ordered to resist “rebel” forces