My notes so far on current events

From Today: BREAKING NEWS: Dreadnoughts Attacking Girani-Fa III Destroyed in Orbital Battle - EVE Community


BREAKING: Amarr Imperial Guard Seal City of Dam-Torsad and Invoke Emergency Wartime Defense Protocols for Amarr Prime and System

BREAKING: House Kador Mobilizes Fifteen Legions of Royal Lifeguards; Carrier Group and Planetary Assault Dreadnoughts Sighted Leaving Dock

BREAKING: House Ardishapur to Deploy Multiple Carrier Groups and Heavy Battleship Wings to Kenobanala; Border Fortifications Placed on Alert

BREAKING: Khanid Kingdom Mobilizes Twenty Regiments of Royal Uhlans; RKN Fleet Buildup in Aridia Border Zones

BREAKING: House Sarum Mobilizes Family Reserves and Subsidiary Fief Troops as Massive Military Transport Movements Reported

BREAKING: House Tash-Murkon Merchant Fleet Activates Wartime Protocols and Family Guard Regiments Mobilize

BREAKING: House Kor-Azor Defense Fleets Move to Positions on Amarr Borders with Gallente Federation

BREAKING: Imperial Navy Genesis Fleet Deploys at Defense Positions in Ekrin, Fabas, Mih and Ubar Constellations

BREAKING: Amarr Delegate Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Summons Emergency Meeting of CONCORD Inner Circle

Well, that seems bad… Let’s break down some details.

Recent Events - Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Today -

and of course, BREAKING NEWS: Minmatar Dreadnoughts Attempting Assault on Tanoo II Destroyed - EVE Community

Let’s start with Chakaid -

Breakdown of events:

Prior to this Chakaid was deeply connected to the Blood Raider attacks and Khanid response in 2018 (YC120)

Dec YC 121 (2019) Chakaid Vows “Total Elimination of Ammatar Treachery and Collaboration with Terror in Khanid and Aridia”

Feb YC 122 (2020) Chakaid gives inaugural “Holiness and Right Action Ministry” sermon

Early March YC 122 (2020) Chakaid promoted to Cardinal The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-02 - EVE Community

Chakaid threatens Black Daggers if city is attacked in March YC 122 (2020) The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-19 - EVE Community

Later that same month he broadcasts a sermon of “Reclaiming by Holy Fire” on Floseswin IV referencing the teachings of St Junip New Gallente Elections Date Set as Souro Foiritan Tapped to Head Investigative Commission - EVE Community

(Saint Junip) St. Junip of Aerui - EVE Fiction

In May he broadcasts a ‘Threat to “Unleash a Sea of Fire and Blood” if City of Jolan Kraal is Attacked by Republic’ Formation of EDENCOM Announced Following Triglavian Attacks Amidst Capsuleer Day Celebrations - EVE Community

In June accusations of the atrocities carried out under Chakaid start coming out: Galactic Hour News Roundup: Gallente Federation Day YC122 Edition - EVE Community

In July the city of Jolan Kraal is attacked and falls to the SFIVA 2nd Army Group Galactic Hour News Roundup: Liberation Day YC122 Edition - EVE Community

However, Chakaid goes missing, in August there is a bounty for his capture. Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Invasion of Niarja Threatens Key Amarr-Caldari Trade Route - EVE Community

By September Chakaid had been captured and turned up in a St Tetrimon holding facility in Tanoo II Galactic Hour News Roundup: Caldari State Protests Amidst Workers Union Day Celebrations - EVE Community

In December YC 123 Theology Council order Chakaid and Orlon moved to Inis-Ilix for trial Galactic Hour News Roundup: No Peace in New Eden for Yoiul Festival Edition - EVE Community

And they are moved to Inis-Ilix from Tanoo II Galactic Hour News Roundup: New Year in New Eden YC122-123 Edition - EVE Community

At this point, we go 3 months without a single world news event. Every world news event after that involves Black Dagger killings (until today which only relates to Amarr attacks, but yesterday 200 people died by one attack)

So then on Tuesday, just before the first Dread attack that caught attention, there was a second attack Galactic Hour News Roundup: Caldari Protests, Privy Council and Triglavian Occupation - EVE Community

BREAKING: Assault on Inis-Ilix Theology Council Law School by Brutor Vanguard Mercenaries Reported

BREAKING: Theology Council Paladins Reported Killed in Attack on Station’s Prison Complex

BREAKING: Status of Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid and Slaver Orlon Zashev Held at Inis-Ilix Pending Trial Unknown

Guristas - (yes links will repeat in various threads)

Spacelane Patrol Pursues Leads Pointing to Guristas Involvement in Multi-Million ISK Heist from Unpas Mercantile Club Art Gallery

Guristas Pirates Strike Again in Co-ordinated Thefts of Artworks from Executive Spires on Ishisomo IV, Nonni I, and Saisio V Galactic Hour News Roundup: No Peace in New Eden for Yoiul Festival Edition - EVE Community

Outrage in Caldari State as Anin V Yanala Day “Massacre” Exposed by Guristas Pirate Broadcast (full article) Galactic Hour News Roundup: Caldari Protests, Privy Council and Triglavian Occupation - EVE Community

then yesterday tucked in with everything else:

Guristas Pirates Release Financial Records Showing Undisclosed Payments to CBD, Lai Dai and NOH Executives Galactic Hour News Roundup: Assault Aftermath, State Diplomacy and Federal Infrastructure - EVE Community

So that’s interesting. Those three megacorps happen to be the PKN “forest” faction.

The next two bullet points are great too:

Caldari Business Tribunal Declines to Comment on Claims PKN Interstellar “Overcharged” for Jita 4-4 Project

Caldari Navy Veterans Society Breaks Silence to Express “Outrage at Misdirection of Funds from Defense of State”

Really makes you wonder what they did with all that money… Also why is Lai Dai advertising mind control devices? That would be nice to know…

I guess we should probably talk about the Caldari…

The Big 8 that run the State have been rearranging their allegiances in the last three years, starting with the formation of PKN or “Black Forest” faction. It consists of Lai Dai, NOH, and CBD. They were formed around the start of the Jita 4-4 renovations to take on the contract, and their markings are all over. The other two factions “Ocean” and “Mountain” have been a bit quieter in their ambitions.

However the State suffered GREATLY from the Invasions and the State, which was already in a bad financial spiral, was turned into swiss-cheese by Pochven. Unrest and rioting have roiled the State for over a year, and a terrorist attack nearly destroyed the mining platform near 4-4 stations on New Year.

blacksheepgoat on reddit pointed out

Here’s the historical significance to this system: Girani-Fa incident - EVE Fiction

I suspect the next attack will reveal a lot about the motives of whoever is behind these attacks. And whether they are specifically targeting the Amarr or just trying to reopen old wounds to weaken the Empires.

It is worth noting that the Empress had been in Tanoo days prior to inspect that location.

BREAKING NEWS: Empress Catiz I Begins Unannounced Tour of Ammatar Mandate

Tanoo, Derelik – Empress Catiz I has begun a previously unannounced tour of the Ammatar Mandate, according to reports from ACN. The visit is being reported as a “lengthy tour of inspection” of the Ammatar Mandate, a territory controlled by the Royal House of Ardishapur and administered by Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf, the first Ammatar to be elevated to the Amarr holder nobility.

Empress Catiz I travelled to the Ammatar capital world of Tanoo II with her personal honor guard fleet and is being accompanied on the tour by Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur. Imperial Navy and Ammatar Fleet units are on high alert across the Ammatar Mandate, with border patrols by local forces supplemented by Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard units.

and then just before the attacks:

Empress Catiz I Summons Privy Council to Amarr Prime Following Tour of Ammatar Mandate

Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime – Empress Catiz I has summoned the heads of the Royal Houses of the Amarr Empire to the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad for a full meeting of the Privy Council. The Amarr Empress recently concluded a tour of the Ammatar Mandate and returned to Amarr Prime last week, accompanied by Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur and their respective diplomatic and military retinues.

Some notes about the attacks themselves. On Tuesday all attacking ships were members of the Brutor Vanguard, and all ships were Minmatar. On Thursday the attackers were part of the Crux Special Tasks Group, and all ships were Gallente. Both attacks involved the deployment of a Highsec Authorized Mobile Cynosural Beacon by a Marauder and several Dreadnoughts came through (3 on Tuesday 5, on Wednesday). While the Minmatar did not carry fuel to get home, and carried on they carried ’
Liberty Tattoo of the Minmatar Nation
’ the Gallente Dreads did have fuel, and carried no such tokens. Both attacks Dreads did contain
Encoded Data Transmission
and Encrypted Ship Log. The Gallente Dreads also had
Encrypted Data Fragment
and while several have claimed to have collected it, I do not know of any confirmed locations or anyone doing anything with them yet.

It may be worth noting that the first Dread attacks were by Brutor Vanguard, a Minmatar merc group that was part of Dust 514 as owning a sizable warclone (immortal footsoldier) army, one that they recently used in Flosesiwin. However, both attacks have been denied by their members. The Brutor Tribe, Brutor Vanguard, and Minmatar fleet have all denied connection with the Tuesday attacks, and likewise, the Gallente denies any involvement with the obscure warclone force that attacked today. It is worth noting that this only the second time the Crux Special Tasks Group has ever popped up in the world news, with the only other time being that a former member of Crux Special Tasks Group is now part of Upwell, which was in the news in 2016, likely having nothing to do with today.


Follow up:


So forgive me inserting myself. But I’ve following up on PKN for a bit. From the Guristas perspective I’ve seen PKN as something rather dastardly and connect a lot of dots in this fiction story

The information is delivered in a IC fashion but I provide links to all the things I’m pointing out and speculating just how deep PKN’s connections can go

This recent news I find to be acknowledge ment that I was right to suspect PKN was up to some ■■■■. But the extent is still speculation on my end.

Yup, I am still wrapping my own head around this line.

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Give that story a look. You list the recent stuff, but they’ve been in the news subtlety for awhile now and when you look at the people invovled beyond just the Three megas… There’s something much bigger at play here.

I fear people have been sleeping on PKN for awhile now.

You are correct, and I tweeted your link for visibility, it is really great stuff.

I explicitly framed only things since Pochven for most of my research because I believe that is when the current ‘arc’ mostly started to take shape

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Appreciate that

I am missing something about the history of Girani-Fa. An article which you cite above (relink) has the line:

“A few weeks later an agreement was reached: the system was to come under Gallente control, but a fixed amount of minerals was to be sold to the Amarr each year at cost price.”

However, the system is Amarrian. Did something happen later? Or is the chronicle saying Amarr allows the Federation to run the industrial operations in the system (making the attack basically absurd)?

In an awesome development, CCP Delegate Zero has already clarified this point:

“Once disputed territory between the two empires, the system remains under Amarr sovereignty, with the Gallente having rights to mine there as long as they sell a fixed amount of minerals to the Amarrians each year at cost price.”
Lore clarification

This makes perfect sense.

Given that the Federation had a good deal in the system already, the argument that these attacks are “false flags” gets stronger. The force that attacked the system had no hope of seizing control from Amarr. The only thing that could be accomplished was ruining the deal. Even as a “false flag,” the Empire would almost certainly be within its rights to terminate the deal - so the operation might actually be quite a success for whoever is manipulating us.

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We discussed these issues on tonight’s EVE Universe Show


If I’m remembering right, you called this in the podcast Ashterothi:

I actually agreed with Arsia that it would be a Caldari strike. But it is true literally just going around the factions would have been a bit dull, so props to the story team.

I did say it, but I was echoing Celeste (Razor Girl) Who most notably called this one.


Posted an update with a breakdown of all four events so far: Foundations Quadrant Lead Up Events Breakdown - YouTube

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