Ashterothi's EVE Universe

Butor attacks the Ammatar? What happened today?!? EVE Universe Episode 1 with Arsia Elkin

All things loreful and advantageous to the understanding of in-game events.
#lore tag please.

I do appreciate those that take the time to give the truth scope by detailing the landscape within which current events sit.

I intend to link @Ashterothi EVE Universe, Friday Shows, to this thread unless someone requests otherwise. I may even compile a timeline of topics under the vid if the whimsy takes hold.
Dedication deserves recognition.

00:40 - Phantomite topic; New Player Experience
03:24 - User Interface and learning opportunity
07:25 - Weekend activities and Webbies
10:25 - Small gang PVP
12:42 - CSM campaign
15:28 - Stream acknowledgements
16:30 - NPC Nullsec
17:43 - Isk generation and motivation
22:26 - Enjoyable activities
30:45 - Keepstars
35:50 - Transition to DutchGunner

wow! Thanks! Here is yesterdays:

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Event Sites and More! EVE Universe Friday Show

Friday shows speak to future events when aired. I hope that by consistently recording them here will provide a resource to look back on and see the progress everyone has made in the universe of EVE Online.

I don’t object to people piping me to the post with your own timeline. The most I’ll do is provide an alternative.

You are free to discuss what you will regarding Ashterothi’s media but I would prefer it if you took that intention to a new thread and consider linking back to this record with the goal of keeping things as tidy as possible.


00:01:11 Industry and market opportunities
00:02:30 Capsualeer Day event
00:05:05 Event, drone application.
00:06:48 Absolution benefits
00:07:26 Target priorities
00:09:16 Rewards and bounties
00:10:50 Loreful excuse for a thin disguise
00:13:38 Trailers
00:16:50 BS posturing
00:19:17 Theorycrafting
00:21:09 Diamond geezers
00:23:33 SKINs and hidden talent
00:26:53 Landmarks
00:36:40 Log in rewards
00:37:05 the value of Navy SKINs
00:44:15 EoM guise
00:45:00 Standings game
00:52:12 Feedback, learning and informed decisions
00:55:35 Agency versus Aura
00:58:17 Aura in-sync
01:02:44 Expansion philosophy
01:05:45 Lore revelations
01:09:36 Speculation on Gate network development
01:21:47 Faction theosophy / lore theorycrafting
01:31:45 Ghost sites
01:37:12 18 cruiser proving ground
01:39:39 Time-limited items
01:41:40 Vessel market value
01:44:50 Supporting Ashterothi on Youtube
01:46:50 Ship fittings
01:48:15 More on navy skins
01:49:34 Tweet fleet
01:51:08 Resource wars and skins
01:52:42 EVE is a cooperative game
01:55:46 “Blank” Alpha clone training
02:05:00 Unallocated skill points
02:06:20 EoM irregular rat build
02:08:04 Event loot value
02:10:19 Mekhios Graveyard, Saurm Prime
02:16:26 o7

OMG Thank you! I have updated the description to include those for chapters. <3

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T-index Topic
00:00:29 Overview of discussion
00:01:06 Introduction to panel
00:02:50 Current event ARC and Seriatim Foucault
00:06:00 Forum thread; ARC operation - NPC post #203
00:07:50 Triglavian dicernment
00:08:59 Possible Sancha’s Nation influence
00:12:12 Weaving of Pochven
00:13:51 Brutor Ship log thread, data fragment exchange - NPC post #93
00:16:05 The massacre of ARC transports
00:19:06 Suspicious cargo
00:20:24 Forum thread; ARC operation - NPC post #244
00:23:18 The trouble with Zoe #285
00:30:15 EoM attacks
00:31:13 Seriatim Foucault speculation
00:43:45 Roleplay interations
00:49:00 Dialetic dialetic
00:54:44 Fate of the Narodnya
01:01:05 Pochven, standings
01:07:00 Taxing payouts
01:10:56 Exploit notification
01:15:42 Varitiety and region health
01:19:00 Filiments and trace
01:22:00 Capsuleer Day and game mechanics
01:25:00 Stargate Event
01:35:39 Preperation
01:43:36 Kybernaught Trifecta plus AI behaviour
01:48:17 Appelations and aspirations
01:54:30 Interdiction nullification changes
01:56:50 Explosive combat Electus Matari
02:04:46 Shuttle & point speculation
02:10:42 Tech-three cruiser configuration
02:14:22 Weekend activities
02:19:41 Freeform promotion and salutes

Not quite the Friday show but it is the Lore focused discussion of interest to me.

Time Index Topic
00:00:57 Introduction of DutchGunner
00:02:28 Public rescue operations, Poshven
00:05:40 Arrangement and disarray
00:08:28 Timing and contribution to the story
00:10:52 Heckling, breach and blame.
00:13:50 The systematic plan
00:15:38 Plan bombed
00:17:11 Zoe Anneto, spanner in the works
00:22:10 Disruption verses addition
00:25:05 Preparation pain point
00:26:26 Ingratitude and mockery
00:29:20 Poorly focused ire?
00:34:15 Balancing act
00:37:15 Extenuating circumstances
00:39:52 Goodwill hijack
00:44:24 Awesome drama
00:49:00 Positing threats and denial
00:53:00 Continuing consequences
00:57:07 Acceptable play
01:00:22 Betrayal of trust
01:03:00 Alternate possibilities
01:06:33 Character and cannon
01:11:11 Objections, objectives and ideologies
01:15:16 Trying things and trying times.
01:20:12 Portals, prospects, praise and pioneers
01:25:07 Respects and familial salutes.

Events happen; it’s the lore and cheering for Team Ra!

time index topic
00:00:30 Introduction of topic
00:01:57 Stargate Trailblazer Event
00:03:07 Modified event duration
00:05:10 Leaderboard
00:06:54 Expert Systems tie-in
00:09:54 Seasonal Events
00:12:10 Team Ra
00:13:30 Community
00:14:20 Taking sides and Gate Gate
00:18:44 Event design goals
00:25:40 Impact on Delta-space and markets
00:28:36 Stain Gate guy
00:31:04 Resource Wars gold standard
00:37:23 Challenge mechanics and rewards
00:47:00 Clonesoldiers and devil-spawn
00:53:07 Faction campaign
01:01:05 Player and NPC lore
01:06:05 Exiting Events with Iconic Charms
01:08:00 Edencom and follow through
01:13:42 Event cadence and evolution
01:19:39 Competition and tournaments
01:33:26 Marketing, communication and development
01:40:25 Keeping score and motivational value
01:50:40 Resource Wars SKINs in the game
01:56:54 Implanting Regular Rewards?
02:02:12 CCP Convict
02:03:25 Event engagement
02:06:47 Fozzi-sov
02:10:40 Pioneering game design and foundations
02:18:22 Commendations and recommendations
02:21:44 Landmark moments
02:26:50 Ultimate respects and constraints
02:30:07 o7

Thanks again! Updated my video with the time stamps (really have to figure out how to give you edit access)

You are the real Uriel; lore fix

time index topic
post CSM interview debrief
00:00:38 what happened to the Jove?
00:03:46 Edencom conflate
00:07:12 Empress Jamyl and abandonment
00:09:02 Triglavians, the weave and Mithra’s Gate
00:12:42 Celes’ Deathglow link
00:15:00 Observing the World News and other landmarks
00:18:00 Sleepers, Drifters and Tyrants
00:25:20 Informorph capture
00:28:36 CSM16 Advertising
00:29:56 Only human after all
00:31:22 Conflict drivers
00:35:00 Lore talk
00:37:25 Salutes, respects, raid prep and outro

It’s my thread I can break the rulez if I want to… you would break too if it happened to you

time index topic
00:00:00 Start and introductions
00:00:48 Upcoming topics
00:01:23 Gallente Federation Day, contest
00:05:06 Model presentation guys :wink:
00:08:29 Federation Day Event
00:11:17 Delving into the Nix nixercide
00:13:33 BlackOps fleet mechanics
00:17:14 Pochven structurally fracturing
00:24:44 Chappy Immortalized
00:26:50 Avatar DevBlog – Animated Aura
00:34:35 CCP Loki: Scope
00:35:17 Fed Trailer and player community in CCP
00:37:41 CSM election closing commentary
00:42:07 Gatekeeping Event Statistics
00:43:50 Matterall’s Foundational error
00:45:57 Live Faction Warfare against bots
00:50:09 Muted
00:50:34 Timezone and complex RMT issues.
00:52:46 Muted PLEX market
00:53:57 RL Thermal management fittings (on a Mac)
00:54:57 FW Kills and recruiting with/into the club
00:58:00 Contentious competitions and taking a role.
01:02:37 Learning from mistakes.
01:04:27 Faction Warfare Core Values
01:07:24 New face of the FW pyramid.
01:07:43 Skill Injector Market
01:08:47 Acknowledgments and salutes.
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World Scope

time index topic
00:00:42 topics overview
00:01:57 Stargate and EoM worldnews.
00:16:14 State and CEP tower
00:18:36 Clade clash and Tribalism.
00:20:06 First, in other news
00:21:56 Empire building
00:22:30 Onlining Stargates, deadspace
00:23:28 CEP Chair appointment
00:26:19 Empire building
00:30:00 Foundations Video Celes Aguard
00:32:13 Tribal arms
00:36:02 Amarrian Integrity
00:37:42 Intaki security
00:39:00 Clade war and Capsuleers
00:41:21 Khanid Royal pain
00:43:10 Other news, too; weird porn
00:45:20 CONCORD Derail and Faction Warfare
00:46:58 Pochven scorched earth
00:48:11 One last thing;player count and content
00:50:04 FedDay propaganda promotion
00:51:53 Credits

Lorification for the fit mutification to the unfit…

time index topic
00:01:00 Peak Concurrent User count
00:12:12 Monthly Economic Report
00:16:46 Project Discovery income
00:18:31 EVE Reader and Hydrostatic
00:22:55 Hobo-leaks speculation
00:33:36 Weekend activities
00:35:22 Pochven paradise #2
00:42:00 Faction Warzone update and !plunder
00:54:00 Chat
00:57:50 Federation Day Trailer
00:59:13 Aideron Robotics Propaganda
01:08:10 WIP precursor lore
01:24:50 Sancha
01:26:50 Upwell
01:31:30 Yulai NPE
01:46:56 Salutes and outro

Cheers me-dears.

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