EoM (Equilbrium of Mankind) Avatar in Highsec yesterday (Live RP event)

o7 all.

Not sure where to post this, as it’s not strictly Roleplay relevant in the Intergalactic Summit forum, so I’ll post it here.

For anyone who wants to see a recording (from my perspective) of the EoM / Revelation fight in Kahah, please view below:


A return to lore, that’s something that brings a smile to my face. Thanks for the recording.

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How did you know it is there and you can kill it?

Social media. I was about to log out and go to bed, but I was tipped off there was something big happening. It was very quick, I had to clone jump into the area and get there asap.

I could have done better damage wise but I also didn’t want to get popped early as I assumed it would be a one-time thing and I wouldn’t have time to reship.


yes :sweat_smile:

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Surprisingly, there was no Twitch notification this time.

Discord only? I take my earlier smile back.

“Hello, we’re refocussing on lore stuff with super cool events but we won’t tell you when they’ll happen unless you’re part of an in crowd”. That’s old school dumb CCP right there.


That is marketing to an appreciative audience.


  • discerning participation limitation
  • node balance
  • and vicarious engagement via twitch stream

… smile because it happened.

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To an extend yes, but at the same time any sort of marketing is about reaching MORE customers or potential customers. If I had known about it I’d probably have attended (depending on location) but since they chose to only tell their in crowd I couldn’t.

The thing is if I had known about it and had attended I might have become part of that in crowd, so their marketing would have resulted in one more satisfied customer. Now that I realise CCP is still doing their same old dumb tricks it’s doing the exact opposite.

Perhaps I should fire up my MSN and see if any devs are online.


It would have made more sense if there was a serverwide ping, but I assume that the titan would have lived an even shorter lifetime had 1000 players descended on it like a Yulai botter event. Plus the node would probably have died and resulted in a lot of angry players. So It kind of worked, but as in EVE you can never please everybody…

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“Hey guys, we have something cool for you tomorrow in :system:, it starts around :time:. Bring your friends!”

Reinforce the node and you’re good.


You’ve obviously not experienced the fps in the Yulai botting event with 5000+ players then I take it?

No idea what that is, I’ve been away for a while but I bet the server handled it, if slowly. At the same time only 250 people showed up according to that video which as exposure goes is horrible.

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy that CCP is putting more effort into the whole lore/faction thing, it’s just so frustrating that CCP just never seems to be able to shed their amateurism and just keeps making the same mistakes, some of which caused such an uproar so long ago.

It’s a missed opportunity.

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I didn’t hear about it from CCP, I only saw people on Discord suddenly pointing out that the recent news article mentioned “panic on Kahah as unidentified Titan appears in orbit”. A few minutes later people are yelling that there IS a Titan in Kahah with a support fleet, and at that time I believe there was another news article released about it starting to fire doomsdays on the planet and the stream was started.

So it wasn’t about “in crowd” in the sense that CCP told anyone anything. It was in crowd in the sense that at least this Discord has people keeping an eye out for lore and following game world news like a hawk.

And we in that Discord have been complaining for years that game world news are very well hidden these days and unsurprisingly weren’t included even in the recently remade news site.


I honestly dont get what the fuss is about.

Isnt it a scripted event?

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Less scripted, more “outlined”. Events such as this have in the past deviated from the outline based on player interactions.

Why hasn’t there been any Scope News Videos about this new stuff?

CCP was constantly putting out a bunch of Scope News Videos about the Triglavian stuff…


Why haven’t you made some?
I mean, if it’s so easy to make a bunch of videos

Don’t know where you got that from but seriously, your posting has gone way down the tube now. Not to mention you’re way off base with your crapass remark anyway…

By the way, CCP is known for making excellent videos.