The Liberation of Athounon

Citizens and allies of the State! As of today, at 03:10 NEST, the Federal occupation of Athounon has been driven off!
I would like to extend my gratitude to Strike Commander Diana Kim and 1st Lieutenant Rusty Tsero in particular for aiding me throughout this operation, as well as members of the State Public Defenders for their invaluable assistance in ensuring State space superiority by hunting down the last of the Federal strugglers and capturing the system’s infrastructure hub.

The system of Athounon is one of many within the Colonial Development Zone that is a rightful claim of the Jastokuaskaanonen Saikkan Luovhaikya, but it also holds another, secondary point of interest.

This system is also part of the Triglavian Collective’s ‘Forest of Glorification’, a series of k-space systems that, while not woven into Pochven, still host an array of Triglavian assets and forces. More notably, Athounon has been reported to have been the site of a number of recent planetary landings by Veles Clade, an unprecedented occurrence ever since the termination of the Triglavian invasions of YC122.

As many of you may know, I have long been a vocal advocate for the pursuit of diplomatic contact with the Triglavian Collective, believing that to be by far the most effective and efficient route to follow in order to provide humanitarian aid to the State citizens stranded in Pochven that may require it, as well as re-establishing contact with our woven colonies.
I am aware that Veles Clade in particular are more than capable of engaging in diplomatic discussions of this nature, as seen in both their relatively considerate treatment of the worlds woven into Krai Veles as well as their ability to find an ally even in select hives of Rogue Drones.

Ever hopeful that a peaceful solution may be reached regarding our lost systems, I would like to formally invite both State and Veles delegations to my citadel in-system, ‘Port Mondturm’, where I shall strive to facilitate a neutral environment where productive diplomatic discourse may be performed. Vessels registered to all 8 Megacorporations, the Caldari Navy, the Chief Executive Panel and Veles Clade have all been granted docking access, and will retain it for as long as they do not act against the goals of this initiative.

Naturally, should the CEP object to this initiative outright, they would have my full co-operation in its swift suspension.

Glory to the State!


It was my honor to lead the SPD Task Force in support of Colonel Malitia’s effort to establish a strategic hardpoint in north Placid. Federal resistance was light and easily crushed. Glory to the State.

I wish to clarify that this action does not imply any support from the Commission, implicit or otherwise for Colonel Malitia’s objectives regarding the Triglavians. For SPD’s part, we have always taken a firmly apolitical stance towards third parties willing and able to serve State objectives, especially within our AOR. The 103rd and their allies have served us well many times in the past.

As for myself, I weigh the just claims of revenge for the ravaging of Caldari suns against a belief in productive dialogue - and my conviction the State should be first in all things.


See, that’s much better than the ‘Reclaiming’ language.

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Happy to have been of assistance!

I hope the diplomatic proceedings go as smoothly as this flip did.


That was a great victory, and I hope it will bring fruits, making the State even stronger in the face of our ancient enemy.


I would like to make a follow-up announcement in light of recent developments regarding my State-Collective Diplomatic Initiative.

Unfortunately, it seems that a few days after the liberation of the system and the deployment of Port Mondturm, Upwell saw fit to release a questionable update to the reinforcement cycle protocols of their smaller structures, which effectively cripples the defensive capabilities of the current facility.

This security concern is not something I can abide by, considering the sensitive nature of the ongoing initiative, so instead I elected to set up a new secure location on Athounon VI to house it instead.

This coastal outpost, dubbed the Kigurosaka Complex, is a hardened and heavily fortified position on the coast of one of Athounon VI’s many great lakes. While legally covered as a private resource extraction venture owned by myself, the premises have been outfitted with both comfortable facilities to host and accommodate the invited delegations, as well as a sizable security contingent and sophisticated automated defenses, ensuring both the safety of all guests as well as their safe transit to and from orbit.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but with this region’s problems with piracy and militia warfare, I simply cannot tolerate the risks posed by a crippled Upwell structure.

Glory to the State.


The fact you let a wretch like this into active duty, yet alone act as a spokesperson, is an absolute disgrace.

Not even a thousand years of service would come close to amend what herself and her masters have wroght to New Eden, let alone the State.


The trade and peace are better than war, and if there is a way to end the conflict and return our stolen systems without risk to citizen’s lives, then I fully support this initiative.

There’s little I know of the Collective other than they attacked us unprovoked and illegally occupied our systems without even declaring war, becoming one of the many enemies of the State. We just don’t understand each other. All these virajes and buyans tell me nothing, I don’t know what they want, do they mean good or evil. For me they are just an enemy to fight.

I am looking forward to understanding their motives and ceasing this awkward conflict, so we can focus all our combat assets on the main task - defeating the real ancient enemy of the State and the main threat to peace, prosperity and humanity in the cluster: the Gallente Federation.


It does not matter whether it is an external enemy like the Federation or the Collective on one hand, or internal enemies like the Guristas, Provists or Dragonaurs. Any force that actively seeks to damage the state, and in doing so jeopardizes our systems and our families, must be resisted. No outcome other than the return of of all Caldari systems and their inhabitants is acceptable, whether that outcome is reached through diplomacy or combat.


I am currently working to get a diplomatic summit between representatives of all major factions in Yulai in the coming days. However one thing i will note is that the Triglavian Collective did not “invade our space” as stated above. They were here and called New Eden home long prior to us. They are simply returning home.

As for the reclamation of the systems and inhabitants, I have yet to see any concentrated efforts to evacuate surviving civilians. I support the idea of retrieval of the ones that would prefer to leave and will gladly offer any assistance possible to that end. With that said, those in the Collective are seeing the bigger threats. The hive linked. The ancient enemy. And are actively fighting them using the systems in Pochven to supply themselves all while the empires are more concerned for their petty squabbles. So unless told otherwise after the talks at the summit, the systems are ours now. Feel free to come and attempt to take them. We will be waiting.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

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The reframing of the Invasions of YC 122 as anything but that is nothing but harmful. The age of the Triglavian Collective and predecessor states does not allow them to lay claim to all of New Eden. There are no archaeological finds to date that hint at any of the woven systems being home to any Triglavian precursor entities.

The defeat of existential and explicitly anti-human threats such as Sansha’s Nation and the Drifters is, of course, something that should be prioritized more, and I can see how Pochven, as a structure, is a means to that end for the Collective, but this does not change the facts regarding the systems’ acquisition or the people stranded in Pochven against their will.

There have been multiple evacuation operations pre-weaving, and, more publicly known, an unsuccessful one conducted by ARC. Unfortunately, the entity that chose to organize that operation are known to fraternize with Sansha, and even used Sansha technology to corrupt an entire Svarog fleet. Their interference was therefore seen as undesirable and Intriguerre Subcommander Seriatim Foucault objected to the evacuation op going through. There is no doubt that there exist people in Pochven that are there against their will. This is unacceptable.

There is no place for short-sighted extremist provocateurs in such things. The rightful order of things will be restored in due time.


Then you have not been paying well enough attention, Mr. Kondur.

I could have worded that better. The intended point was that while ARC and others have attempted evacuations in the past, I havent i recent history seen any evacuation attempts from any entity. Perhaps i have missed it as i cant be everywhere at once. If so, i stand corrected.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

This mindset alone will poison any attempts at diplomacy. State entities will resist any attempts at justification for the atrocities commited by the Triglavian and their twisted followers.


To think one can “own” the forest.

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I’m not a part of this project, for starters. Gods, I’m certain Strike Commander would be just as likely to shoot me still if I involved myself. But I do, though, have some thoughts that if you’ll humor me. Just to get my little “radical unionist” hooks in your brain.

Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa has found a base of support, and subsequently focused our efforts around, the workers of Kaalakiota and the Home Guard. With Athounon secured for the last several weeks by the Caldari militia, I wish to remind the State that Athounon is the rightful domain of Kaalakiota going back to the Providence Directorate mandate of YC111. Currently there is yet to be a clear strategy from the State on managing the ongoing situation in Athounon now that the 103rd Sublimation Group maintains their own garrison and infrastructure in the system.

While the efforts outlined above are commendable, there is still a large issue of securing corporate control of previously occupied industry. Facing both the Gallente militia and settling on a coordinated approach to how best to respond to the Collective, mounting pressure rests on those first Kaalakiota workers to enter the system. I do not believe that the Home Guard alone can prove sufficient, nor do I believe the Navy and Militia could or should be asked to fully dedicate themselves to puppyguarding workplaces and civilian colonies. This in mind, I propose two suggestions that I highly recommend the State consider in the coming weeks if they hope to reestablish Athounon as a successful and secure settlement.

  1. Publicly reassert Kaalakiota’s claim to the Athounon system and empower Kaalakiota to retake industry, infrastructure, and territory not essential to the ongoing militia project or considered strategically vital to the Caldari Navy. That which does not need to be garrisoned by the Navy ought be returned to Kaalakiota and the Home Guard at the next convenience.

  2. Facing such an important and precarious system, Kaalakiota ought explore non-traditional methods of management to adapt to the unique challenges faced in Athounon. For the enhanced assumption of risk, Athounon workers should be compensated handsomely with a unique hazard-pay package negotiated between union representatives. Rather than leaning heavily on corporate security, Kaalakiota should prioritize strong cohesion and workers initiative to better adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Grant workers groups an enhanced degree of autonomy and self-management below the administrative level, letting those that know their job and their team best plan around whatever the new reality on the ground in Athounon might look like.

I can guarantee you that not one of your middlemanagement pencil pushers learned anything in their post-graduate business classes that covers “what to do when cohabitating in close proximity with the Triglavian Collective” and its unreasonable to ask the men and women on the ground to sit back and wait while someone off-world alienated from actual on-the-ground production tries to figure it out. Worseyet, liberal application of the Navy or Home Guard to mitigate the inevitable chaos is using a hammer when you need a scalpel, and will almost certainly fail to address material issues beyond suppressing decent when they inevitably make the wrong decisions.

Let the workers cooperatively organize themselves at the factory level, and you can leave everything above that under the hierarchal corporate umbrella. Grant some ability for them to establish their own militias to defend themselves from raids or any other crisis rather than making them subjects of military authority or administrative incompetency. I mean what the ■■■■ is the point of having all of us drilled and ran through military service if the worker can’t also be responsible for their own defense, security, and accountability. If nothing else, consider it a contained experiment that might give Kaalakiota a competitive advantage should it prove successful.

(Stipulation: These are my thoughts as a labor organizer and not meant to be a statement of intent or demands. However, I strongly encourage that they be taken to heart in some capacity by decision makers if they hope to avoid future conflict with the working class or seek a potential administrative alternative that will better serve them than the bureaucratic bloat that comes with trying to micromanage an isolated colony.)

Traitorous snakes whos heads were cut off nine years ago. Let all they arranged remain ash and dust.

Placid is not Caldari. It is not the State. There are more important matters to be concerned about. Leave the corrupt dealings of fascist fools in the history books.

And before anyone tries to needle me about my hypocrisies, I am now and have forever been against this absurd Militia war. The State has bigger issues at home rather than squabbling over backwater lowsec systems.

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You mean the mandate that was for… if memory serves, an exclusive subdivisible ten year license of… what was it… economic development rights. Correct? The mandate that, even if one discounts say… the dissolution of the agreements by the then Leader of the State(now outlaw and terrorist, if he’s even still alive)… otherwise expired in YC121 without contestation or renewal?

If Kaalakiota do not wish to seek renewal of ownership of the system following their ten year arrangement, against their own interests, then that’s their prerogative. Similarly, if another megacorporation wants to challenge their potential claim to the system arguing the terms of the original blind auction agreement, that is also their prerogative. It should be worth noting that, according to the original terms of the agreement, the specific language is in fact “ten years, with first refusal on subsequent renewals” with the license deactivating when under FDU control and reactivating under State sovereignty. Otherwise, the specific details of the agreement are vague to the public.

Does that mean that the contract ends after ten years from the signing or that it entitles the corporation to ten years of development only counted against the length of the contract when it is enforceable and the system is under State control?

Yeah, yeah, I can hear everyone banging on your keyboard from here. But, really, think a moment. Ultimately none of this changes the fact whatsoever that development of Athounon has been the purview of Kaalakiota with their own material investment and assets poured into the region. Nor does it address the need for development and security beyond that of the Navy and militia. “Um technically” legalism misses the point entirely here, nor has it ever been the actual driver of the mechanisms of the State. The State’s institutions (formed by the Provists or otherwise) exist to service material factors and the realities of the situation, not the other way around. Something I’m sure would become immediately apparent the moment if Kaalakiota makes a serious effort to secure the region and manufacture some jurisprudence that will nonetheless be legitimized by “completely impartial legal review.”

Still. Lets say everyone in the State is a paragon of logos reasoning and not driven by material conditions. All that means, worst case scenario if the contract expired, is that they system is up for grabs for development. Does it really in any way offer a material constraint preventing Kaalakiota from claiming and developing a system that they ought have first choice of given their historic investment?

This is just hairsplitting, seemingly from people with their own material concerns in this situation to begin with obfuscating their own motivations with legalism.

Then leave this thread.
Don’t you already have one to spout your Unionist drivel?

Wing Commander.

And yes, I will not tolerate parasites trying to exploit the Kigurosaka Initiative to disseminate their subversive nonsense.
Be silent.

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