Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I noticed that too, and was wondering how working hard and earning your place in a society is, tyrannical?

What is tyrannical is being lazy, expecting and demanding hard working people to take care of you as seen so prevalent in the Federation.

Your criticism is valid.
My gratitudes for this.

Oceans can be quite Intimidating, particularly on Lower Gravity worlds, as the Waves there can be Extremely Tall.

Also there are Things living in most Oceans. Sea Snails, Lobsters, Cuttlefish, and other such Sea Monsters.

Also, when you go to the Seaside and go for a Paddle, sometimes Things touch your Foot. It can be Disturbing.


I don’t even want to look up what those are. Though, I’ve seen lobsters in restaurants, and they don’t seem so bad.

The bodies of water where I’m from are more akin to small seas, and all but one are heavily irradiated. A terrestrial naval tradition isn’t really a part of my culture.

Imagine them ten times the size!
Lower gravity means also larger wildlife.

Who are you talking to?

It seems that you are not getting any of my mails, so we will have to find another way of communicating.

broxalen fuxmail k

im do a router chat on you

When is the best time for that?

I am only one pilot. Surely you understand how integrating myself into the command structure of an organization that shared similar goals with me at the time would make my job a lot easier. Not like I participated against any operations targeting the State or the Empire under their employ either.

The survival suit served a multi-faceted purpose as well. Besides its primary functionality, preventing any exposure to unfamiliar foreign contaminants, it also served to prevent frictions between myself and Kybernauts motivated by an anti-establishment ideology. I was a civilian at the time anyway, if an attire change would make my work less annoying, I don’t see why I would not partake. I discarded it as soon as I enlisted and deployed in the CDZ regardless.

As for me defending Stribog assets? Of course I would. I used them myself at the time and they aided my own operations. Electus Matari is an enemy of the State, and, for the time that you assisted them, so were you. Don’t expect me to be selective on which members of a fleet that is actively shooting at me and assets I benefit from I am to engage.

Not sure which Protectorate members you are referring to either. If anything, Stribog has worked alongside the Protectorate even recently, evicting a Federal-aligned organization from a system in Anoikis, alongside SPD and I-RED forces. A Federal organization headed by another kybernaut, incidentally, crimson armor and all. Funny how things like that work out, yes?

Because SPD and the militia’s relationship with Stribog Clade is mentioned here, I will comment on it as frankly as I can while preserving discretion and operational security. This is to provide context without distracting the dialogue between WC Malitia and Ms. Cora, and also to provide a bulwark against any diplomatic misunderstandings.

I-RED was not involved in the Atlantis eviction on any formal level. Several of their members flew with SPD-TF at various points during the operation. Our position has always been that while pilots fly under SPD, they are politically identifiable with the field command and not with their organizations of origin, whether that group is a militia organization or not. We work with a wide variety of capsuleers from all areas of space willing to submit to SPD operational regulations.

SPD has been operationally blue with Stribog Clade twice: firstly, during the Atlantis eviction, and secondly as third party associates of Noir for the duration of a contract with that group.

SPD had a separate diplomatic meeting with Stribog Clade once. I will leave the substantive topic of that meeting to discretion and say the topic of negotiation ultimately fell through. Personally, I was also interested to discover the precise nature of the 103rd’s connection to Stribog at the time, and Stribog’s view of whether they were in fact part of the Collective or merely sympathizers - a hot political question at the time. I think it fair to say that meeting was the germ of the Atlantis operation, since it became clear Stribog had independent issues with the kybernaught Ashterothi and his Gallente militia organization by extension.


I don’t know you well so have nothing to say about your situation, but I will relay a personal experience.

A decade ago, I chose to fly with a Cartel aligned group for personal reasons. I fastidiously avoided activities which I felt might betray my own ethics. I even tried unsuccessfully to get this Cartel group to “go legit” and we all joined the State Protectorate as an alternative to capsuleer piracy. This all took place over the course of eight months. Since then I haven’t gone back.

It doesn’t matter what I actually did or did not do. My intentions likewise don’t matter. I’ve done similar short term contracts for mercenary groups, two Caldari Megacorps, a Gallente industrial group, and a total of seven years in SFRIM since my last association with the Cartel. I still get people who mislabel me and call me an Angel based off of that one misadventure a decade ago.

You’re never going to truly be rid of your history. You’ll never be able to justify your past actions to an audience that has already made up their mind about you. So if I have any advice it’d be to move on, because as a capsuleer, there’s a long list of people we’ve each hurt and those people will never move on from that moment.


Oh, I’ve moved well on, but this is a public forum, and having people buy into misinformation spread about my person could interfere with my operations, should the wrong people buy into it. I am just making sure to clarify my actions and positions for all to see, otherwise this false narrative would be the only one out there.
I am well aware that those out there that have made up their mind about me and have chosen to spread this misinformation won’t be swayed, theirs is a willful, malicious ignorance after all, but I’d be remiss not to defend myself.



It was flagged as suspect and firing upon a neutral fleet. I had never even heard of LUMEN back then anyhow, so I had no reason to configure my overview to distinguish your vessels from any others.

It was a viable and lawful target.

And then there was your personal involvement against the ARC evacuation efforts last year. No doubt that Tayra was also a viable and lawful target.

Of Stribog, under orders from the Collective.

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Yes. ARC were a viable target and that operation was a barely planned farce that would have endangered more people than it would have ever saved.

Their associations with Sansha were also highly suspect, and reportedly the reason for the command to intercept them.

So-- I’m all of a sudden curious, Ms. Malitia. What’s the most critical post you’ve ever made about the Collective? One where you really let them have it on moral, ethical, or even just practical grounds?

You must surely have made one, right?

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Nothing immediately comes to mind, at least on these forums. Why would I be critical of a nation which doesn’t even frequent these boards? I am critical of individuals that are present on here. Anything else seems kind of pointless don’t you think?

Nothing comes to my mind either, beyond, you know, “it’s regrettable that the mutaplasmid turned your grandmother inside out but she wouldn’t have survived under an abruptly black and purple star anyway so really it was for her own good,” sort of thing.

Isn’t it neat how you don’t want to be held to account for standing by the Collective but you never actually stand apart from it?

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I do not believe I have ever seen bioadaptation do anything like that. I certainly would not ever say that someone turning inside out would be for their own good.