A Federation Day 'present' from State Protectorate: Reschard and Arderonne

Rejoice, Citizens!

As a part of a strategic objective of the Athounon Campaign the State Protectorate forces have secured two systems in Placid: Reschard and Arderonne, stretching the State zone of influence from the Athounon stronghold up to 3 jumps in all directions after earlier capture of Alparena system (11.06.YC124) and almost a week-long siege.

Reschard was secured at 0212 NEST 17.06.YC124.
Arderonne was secured exactly two hours later at 0412 NEST 17.06.YC124.

Arderonne was a lucky system. It has witnessed the “Heth’s Revenge”.

Glory to the State!


‘Present’ arms!

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Although my current schedule has kept me quite busy, I will assist my fellow Militia men in any way possible, to drive back the Protectorate’s advance into Federation territory.

Athounon has been declared a priority target by the Federal Defense Union, and therefore it is my duty to answer the call.

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