[ARC] Athounon data capture

:person_shrugging: That presumes I should take a kyber’s word for… anything.


Sure she is. Violence you get rewarded for is no show of loyalty, only pliability.

Let’s see her actually make sacrifices of herself for the State, instead of sacrificing others’ lives.


We’re capsuleers. Take that away and we’re still people of massive means and deep connections. Sacrificing others is what we do. What kind of personal sacrifice would you demand? Time? We have lots of that. Money? I don’t think you’d consider that a “personal sacrifice”, since money to us is as common as air on a terrestrial world. Blood? Again, copious amounts depending on how many clones you wanna pay for.

How she manages to provide some evidence of meaningful personal sacrifice is hardly my problem.

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I hesitated how I should act as a Caldari supporter, but I believe the State has power to make things public and still prevail.

This is one of the footage I obtained during Athounon surveillance effort. It seems to be the command center of EDENCOM facility.


Thank you, Mr. Islands, for your alert. We’ve since confirmed additional captures of this data. A rough initial composition of the full video follows. Further analysis will follow.



So what’s that, exactly?

A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, hidden behind a paywall. Oh wait, NOH doesn’t control this system, nevermind that last bit.


It would seem to be a point of interest in the northern hemisphere of the planet the facility orbits.

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Thank you for the statement, Captain Obvious Newelle. It kind of looks like a downed world ark to me, but maybe I am seeing things?

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Obvious as it might be, it is about the best answer you will get here, Rhiannon.

That, Captain Rhiannon, is indeed the question. The first thing to note is that consensus is that it’s an icon, not to scale, otherwise it’d be visible from orbit. Additionally, while the general shape is comparable to the Xordazh, the proportions don’t seem quite right. Mind, there’s also question of angle.

Some of analysts have been going back and forth on whether it might be a planet-side observatory or extraction facility.

Still, those seem too mundane to have caused this much of a response.


Are you so certain it’s a ground facility? Could be in orbit, cloaked up like this one was.

Not certain at all! The location of the icon relative to the surface strongly suggests surface, or otherwise a low enough orbit that I’d be concerned about degradation if the detected object isn’t able to maintain station. Still, the clip is quite short.

I anticipate we’ll see more footage of this boarding operation in the weeks to come, and the situation will become more clear.

I mean, with this much clarity in the leaked clips, it might be just a marker for the station itself, even.

But since all I can do about the situation here - unless I wish to take a side in a fight that is not really mine and to which my allies have explicitly asked me to not butt into - is idly speculate, that’s what I am going to entertain myself with.

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What I’d like to know is what they’re saying. The audio is pretty bad. Also, while the holograph is the big eye-catcher, what caught my attention was the machinery one of the soldiers was standing next to. I’m not much of a tech-head, but that doesn’t really look like standard stuff.


I hear that as

“… at op center.
Some power here.
[unclear] command was right.”


To fill in the unclear bit:

“… at op center.
Some power here.
Are you seeing this?
Looks like command was right.”


Hello, Jamal; it has been a long time. I hope your people are well in both blood and spirit.

Thank you for the clarification. Listening it to again, that indeed seems to check.

I suppose it has. I thank you for your consideration, and extend the same to you.

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