Reclusive Hyasyoda Tycoon Found Dead on Private Station; Questions Linger

Reclusive Hyasyoda Tycoon Found Dead on Private Station; Questions Linger

  • Akamaaten Tiuul News Service - Suroken VI - The Citadel - YC7.1.124

Renowned executive Olaf Rezeki was found unresponsive aboard his private orbital complex late last night. After initial efforts to resuscitate him failed he was rushed to a neurotherapy hospital on Suroken VI, where he was declared irrecoverable. Rezeki-haan’s backup provider was then contacted. However, doctors soon discovered the magnate ordered his last authorized backup clone liquidated over a month ago. Sources close to the story say Olaf had cited security and fidelity concerns with the cloning agency. Rezeki’s body was then transported into the care of Suroken National Cryonics, where it will be held in cryo-casket storage per his living will.

Olaf’s estate maintains that the irrecoverable diagnosis is premature and intends to seek further methods to resuscitate him. This makes the status of funeral arrangements unclear. However, Akamaaten Tiuul reports that many sejikiin in Olaf’s vast consortium have already made travel arrangements to Suroken, perhaps in anticipation of paying their respects. Rezeki-haan’s last will also remains sealed but issues concerning his inheritance and executorship are contentious and expected to go to arbitration very soon.

Questions also remain concerning the biological cause of his death. Rezeki was reportedly in good health and his clone age was not advanced. The official cause was ruled to be a stress-induced heart attack. Doctors believe he was flatlined for hours before being found, greatly contributing to his irrecoverable condition. Olaf was famously reclusive and lived in seclusion aboard his orbital residence, alone except for a rotating army of security, mechanics and doctors. He left the station very infrequently and conducted most business remotely or through proxies. Most of his staff did not even know what he looked like. There were no recording devices of any kind allowed aboard the complex and guards were reportedly tasked with daily “bug sweeps” of the vast spacecraft. It is therefore difficult to discern what happened to Olaf in his last moments.

His bodyguards report Olaf had a dinner of Luminaire skippers with snow peas and then retired to watch a holo-film. He was later found laying in the rock garden of his Raata-era reconstructionist tearoom during a scheduled security sweep.

Rezeki-haan made a name as a young executive perfecting manufacture of mining crystals. He was considered a superb technical mind, a ferocious businessman and a maverick who pushed right up to the edge of conservative Hyasyoda culture. His sister married into the prominent Osmon family, giving him advocates that helped smooth over his sometimes strained relationship to mother Mega.

Later in life he was a founding partner for the Rezeki-Osmon Affiliate Group, a family of subsidiary companies considered slightly too risky, racy or out of portfolio for cautious Hyasyoda. Pinnacle Exports competed in foreign markets with traditional Hyasyoda products until they were bought out by CBD in YC122. Suroken National seized a large market share in cryonic burials for wealthy executives, a market considered kakku to traditional Wayists, then expanded into manufacturing and medical products. Saitsuo Security outbid competitors on State Protectorate defense contracts when Hyasyodan suspicion of the Protectorate was at an all time high. Many lesser offerings have also found success.

Olaf was 211. He leaves behind his nephew, Charles Rezeki, and sisters Aino Osmon and Isha Muutaras.


Suroken National Announces New Project in Eugales

  • Artemis Defontaine - Pegeler Market Watch - Eugales - Placid - YC7.3.124

A new glimmer of hope emerged for Suroken National today as CEO Imawa Muutaras announced the close of a deal with the Eugales Development Authority for planetside properties on Eugales IV. The company’s stock price has taken a sharp downward turn after the death of Olaf Rezeki a few days ago. If this press release was intended to change bleak stock attitudes, it did not, but prices stabilized around the day’s low. Perhaps investor panic has dissipated into mere skepticism.

Nevertheless Imawa intrigues me as a young executive. Standing on a box to reach the podium mic, she spoke behind dark glasses with an unwavering smile. “Cool, calm and collected” are words I’d apply to this Caldari. If there’s any hint of worry over recent events in Rezeki-Osmon, I didn’t find it in Imawa. She first gained notice for her unflappable attitude toward activists throwing homemade grenades at SNC’s Intaki factories. By comparison the company’s stock situation must seem like a small firecracker.

Imawa explained that while the company’s orbital survey found Eugales IV “adequate” for the production of synthetic oils used in SNC medical products, the scan could not be completed due to interference from the planet’s electrical storms and some readings were ‘anomalous’. To complete the survey, prospectors will have to go down the old fashioned way - via landing party. An expedition is currently being prepared to push off from The Spar in orbit of Eugales VI later this week. Whether what they will find can rescue Rezeki-Osmon’s stock price remains to be seen, but I’ve got my eye on it.


Lai Dai Offers Unsolicited Buyout of Rezeki Companies Amid Management Sorrows

  • Akamaaten Tiuul News Service - Suroken - The Citadel - YC7.3.124

In a surprise move some observers have described as “aggressive”, Lai Dai Okusaika has approached the Rezeki-Osmon Affiliate Group (ROA) board of directors with an unsolicited buyout offer for the entire conglomerate. This move comes only recently after Olaf Rezeki’s sudden and tragic death, as well as news of ROA subsidiary Suroken National’s acquisition of resource exploitation rights in the Eugales system.

The bid was described by a red-faced COO Charles Rezeki as “Insultingly low, all things considered”, and “A crass, predatory move which defiles the memory of my uncle.” Rezeki also described the deal as “The opening broadside in a hostile takeover attempt”. The offer was resoundingly and unanimously rejected following a meeting of the board.

Sources say Lai Dai has responded by hiring shareholder solicitation company Saikkokomon. The next step is likely to be Saikkokomon lobbying shareholders to initiate a proxy fight and replace the sitting executives. Approached for comment, Saikkokomon acquisition expert Kyomoto Hietzold tells ATN:

“While we understand the emotion of grief and reverence all Caldari ancestors, this is business. Pure and simple. I believe this offer is fair considering the incredible impact the elder Rezeki-haan had running every facet of the company. He will be difficult to replace and the shareholders know this. If the management team is too blinded by sentiment to see this obvious fact, the winds of business will sweep them away.”

Asked why Lai Dai made the offer, Kyomoto replied: “There is much promise [in ROA] and a lot of dead weight. Our buyout plan will refocus the company on its core products and services while auctioning off assets ROA is ill-equipped to handle and paying dividends to the shareholders.”

Kyomoto continued: “ROA’s share price has taken a sharp fall since Olaf’s unfortunate accident. The release of the Eugales news was a valiant attempt to staunch the bleeding, but I think the shareholders have valid concerns that Suroken National does not have the infrastructure or expertise to properly develop these potential assets. We do.”

I asked Kyomoto about Lai Dai’s opinion of current ties to other TNR groups, such as the Placid Economic Security Commision. He replied that, if the takeover is successful, it will: “…Mean renegotiations of existing partnerships. We are very optimistic. There’s great potential for new exploitation of the Placid region under Lai Dai,” he said, smiling.

Time will tell whether investors will agree with Saikkokomon’s proposed change of direction. Asked for comment on the takeover attempt, ROA sejikiin and capsuleer Henrik Suzaku simply told ATN: “We intend to fight.”


Excerpt: Morning Pierre - Placid - YC7.4.124

PIERRE: Welcome back ladies and gents. Moving right along; topic for this hour is squids. Which as you know is my favorite thing to talk about.

JEAN: Why do you do this to yourself, man?

PIERRE: I don’t know. I just don’t know. The truth is, Jean, I didn’t choose a life in broadcasting - broadcasting chose me. Sometimes you’ve just gotta strap in and get with the program. I don’t make the news, but I’m willing to make sacrifices for my craft. Even if that means talking Caldari.

JEAN: So what did the squids do now?

PIERRE: For any of my listeners out there that are thinking of getting into business: Remember that there’s always a bigger bastard. And he’s creeping up behind you, knife in hand, just waiting to stick it between your ribs. Well, that holds true for you and me, and it holds true even if you’re a megacorp.

JEAN: This is about the Lai Dai takeover, isn’t it? What do you think? Did Lai Dai do in old man Rezeki?

PIERRE: Oh, definitely. No question in my mind.

JEAN: Really? You know, he had a lot of enemies. CBD, for example. He stepped on too many toes with that export business. Those executives have long memories. Hell, a lot of people in 'Yoda hated him. My money’s on his nephew, the heir apparent. You know, he’s said some wild things about Olaf in the past.

PIERRE: Yeah? Like what?

JEAN: Like, “I will never forgive him for what happened to my parents.”

PIERRE: But Charles is COO –

JEAN: Now acting CEO!

PIERRE: – And even a moron could have forseen the company would tank if old man Olaf died.

JEAN: I dunno, all I’m saying is that there’s a lot more going on there than we’re privvy to. Also, given how Olaf was living, I don’t think anyone sneaks up on that guy unless he knows them personally, you feel me?

PIERRE: I notice you didn’t think for a second he died of natural causes.

JEAN: No duh. I don’t believe in that kind of coincidence.

PIERRE: Me neither. Especially in the State. I think Lai Dai planned the whole thing from the start. They probably timed it to line up with the Eugales deal once they got word it was going down - by the way, can we stop and talk about that a sec? What is going on with wolf-lady’s fascination with squids?

JEAN: She just likes variety, I think.

PIERRE: Could you imagine one of those uptight bastards walking into a bordello?

JEAN: Watch it or the ratings board will slap your wrist again.

PIERRE: Oh no, I’m shaking in my boots. Anyway, whatever reason she’s decided to hop into bed with the Caldari, it’s pretty clear EDA’s move is a finger in Lai Dai’s eye. Like, “Listen you bastards, whatever it is you’re looking for on my turf, I’m not just going to take it away, I’m going to give it to your competitors.” Lai Dai wants a way in and SNC is the weak link in the chain.

JEAN: I dunno, if it was Lai Dai, how do you explain how quiet ROA is being? These guys are paranoid. Are you telling me their founder just up and croaks one evening with no backup clone and everybody goes ‘Sure, heart attack, no questions here!’ If there’s even a shred of doubt you know they’d throw that sand in Lai Dai’s face. Come on, man. It’s a coverup. Inside job, clear as day. Nephew did it. The takeover is just unforseen fallout.

PIERRE: You’re entitled to that opinion. This is a democracy and even you are allowed to be wrong. I, for one, welcome a shuffle in the cards of management - so long as I get to stay on the air. You hear that, Lai Dai? You can have Placid so long as you keep Morning Pierre.

JEAN: That’s surprising! You heard it here first, folks! Pierre Ducasse sells his soul to the State!

PIERRE: All I’m saying is, I hate all squids equally. Makes no difference to me which Mega ends up the prime meddler.


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