A Change in Management


I will make a brief personal announcement. My tenure as executor of the SPD Task Force has come to an end. It was a true honor to serve the State as alliance leader this past year. We accomplished much but I will not recite our victories here. Perhaps I shall write that memoir in the future.

When I joined the Protectorate I did not anticipate being involved in higher leadership. I expected something like a continuation of my Navy patrols. Instead I hoped to find a leader capable of organizing our frontier militia and enforcing better standards. When others could not, duty compelled me to step up.

Now I believe it compels me to move aside. SPD was always built to serve specific purposes, and its ends are not applicable to the current political battlefield of Calmil. The dissolution of the task force was amicable and we have left its future reorganization on the table if the Protectorate should require it.

This week Saitsuo has joined IRED. Taisho John Revenent has earned my undying respect as a fleet commander, as has the phlegmatic leadership of Hinkelmann-haan. The men and I feel at home with our stalwart allies in Ishuk-Raata and we look forward to working together as even closer partners.

Under IRED I shall focus on further increasing Saitsuo’s working swords and profit margins. We are growing our operations with new R&D and cryptology departments and we intend to expand aggressively into the Syndicate market.

I thank you for your attention.

For the State,

Henrik Suzaku, CEO Saitsuo Security


I believe that we are both sufficiently aware of the mutual respect between us, Commander Suzaku, but I believe that it deserves repeating that you have long held my admiration for your dutiful and steadfast service to your nation. You are a credit to your people, and I have no doubt that you will be a credit to the Directive as well.

I can speak on behalf of all within Khimi Harar when I say that we look forward to any and all future cooperation between us resulting from your latest endeavours.

Glory to the Empire. Glory to the State.


Best of luck with future endeavours, you’re a credit to your Megacorp, people and Navy


This union between our two organizations further highlights the deeper connection between our respective parent corporations. We will endeavour to make them proud as we turn this page onto a new chapter for Ishuk-Raata, and Saitsuo.


In these extremely troubling times, there can only be strength in numbers and unity. I welcome Saitsuo into the fold, and look forward to a prosperous and bright future for us as well as our respective megacorporations.


I am delighted by this news and wish you and your pilots all the best I-RED are the best of company.


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