Athounon and Arshat

I still maintain that this was a mistake.

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I quite like Avesber, myself.

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The third day’s sampling has been processed. Initial analysis continues to confirm no apparent change in frequency of discharge. For prior data, please review this post.

Day 3:

The above are initially-filtered reads on acquisition from camera drone. The calibration is consistent with day 2 - 70 and 90 percent signal filtration to isolate spikes in energetic density. The data remains noisy both due to debris around the station and the non-zero lengths of the discharge events. The raw data still has some additional analytical opportunities presenting, but at present we see nothing of note here.

edit: I’d like to add that the cyan for blue discharge and the purple for red discharge is completely the fault of the person who’s doing the initial data processing. She’s an absolute wizard, but also clearly has a cruel sense of humor.



Please see the attached day 4 sampling. Please note that while frequency of strikes remains constant, the intensity appears to have marginally increased. This is consistent enough that it raised debate in the analytics team. However, recent camera drone firmware updates are a confounding factor. Due to this concern, however, observation will continue. If intensity continues to climb even after the firmware update, we’ll do a full debrief with observers, review with processing and analytics, and let you all know.

Additionally, I had a work with the data wizard over cyan for blue and magenta for red. She informs me she left the output on default colors, and said, “data is data.”


Edit: I’ve taken a moment to confer with the observation lead. They state that due to the inability of camera drones to establish a standard locus on the EDENCOM facility (whether due to CONCORD Capsuleer overrides or specific effects in theather), camera drone placement varies marginally. They didn’t have an impression of increased intensity during recent observation. We’ll continue the discussion in analytics.



Day five observations follow. I’m still getting briefed by analytics on any changes in methodology for today’s processing, but either way analytics believes an intensity increase is a material possibility, instead of idle supposition. This will merit more study, of course. I’ll see about posting raw video and data output instead of graphs to Galnet for analysis by the greater community; more word once I have it.

I should add: analytics responded to the YC124.06.29 sample with, “Definite background shift in red/blue channels.” We were still uncertain if this was an artifact of camera drone position variation or firmware updates. Today, “This needs verification …, but we may be seeing an intensity increase.”

Currently bulldozing legal.


Day six as follows.

Additionally, I’ve confirmed clearance to release data. Due to some proprietary elements, the raw footage and histogram outputs are available at request instead of via publicly available Galnet link. Please contact me directly for access. ARC requests that any processing of data provided by ARC be shared freely with the public, or else shared with ARC if proprietary processes or important results merit a brief delay in full release.


Oh my god, who cares?

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I do.

This is what actual scientific work looks like, Ms. Estalia: a collection of boring data from which useful patterns might or might not emerge.

I don’t have the patience for this kind of thing as a rule, but I love, so much, that there are people who do.


Basically anyone with the slightest interest in the research and situation. Granted, I’d probably prefer it via a different data feed than the IGS and better raw data exports, but those are nits to be picked.

While there obviously reasons to take these graphs with a pinch of salt, given the sources, it’s well worth caring about.


We have an upsurge of Triglavian activity in system along with the appearance of a potentially abyssal related anomaly and some sort of discovery significant enough for both the Federation and the State to suspend the Yulai Accords.

Everything about this is kinda important, Arwen… We need all the information we can get.


Can’t wait for everyone pulling random non-facts out of this that suit their purposes and gets nothing actually done. I’ve seen that trick before.

bark bark

People with at least an ounce of sense.


Those interested in Athounon developments should direct their attention to the Achur-State-Mountain-Report news feed.

ARC has received several instances of video data from corrupted trinary via gray data market intermediaries. The video appears to show a penetration of an as-yet-unknown facility but as-yet-unknown parties corresponding to the above release. We can of course theorize that this is an essential part of the mobilization of State and Federal forces in the Serthoulde constellation.

ARC is currently offering a bounty for additional information or data, given our policy of not engaging Yulai Accords powers directly.

This message will be reposted independently.


I ventured to Niarja and recorded this as a comparison.

Niarja Dahz Porevitium Transmuter

I don’t know how frequently the Arshat transmuter is operating, but in Niarja it was about 1 minute 30 seconds per cycle, as my video shows.

Additionally, I believe that the “lenses” you’ve captured images of are original to the structure. I was using remote camera probes so as not to be incinerated by the beam, and on top of potential quality loss it was dark. But the shape of the structures is identical. Only the operation of the transmuter itself differs.


as mentioned months ago, and this video here (work in progress - do not see it as final)

maybe enlight something, or leave some place for speculation

That’s… certainly a theory. Built on sod and sand like that ‘Enhanced Physics’ madness, but still a theory.


‘Theory’ is kind of generous, don’t you think?

I’d personally classify it somewhere between ‘Hypothesis’ and ‘Insane Ramblings’.


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