Ahbazon monument didn't allow me to cloak after jump from Hykkotta

That is supposed to be? I couldn’t cloak up my viator because i was closer than 2000m to “large collidable object”. Fortunately, 20+ guys camping the gate didn’t tried to catch me somewhy. What the ■■■■? Who placed the monument so close to the gate?

GunStars could also become an issue when there are many pilots stacked on a gate.

That is absolutely intentional. CCP doesn’t see enough risk created by players so they introduce risk factors beyond players’ control.

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I went to take a look, this is the one in question.

yeah but making some BM´s is not a problem at all, right…

You took a shortcut through a low security system, but you cry because it’s not safe enough for you, even though you were completely safe and survived?

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Please file a ticket with CCP if you feel a change needs to be made. Arguing with any of the individuals here is pointless as this is a source of easy income for them. Fly safe. o7

Why don’t you do it yourself, easy income right?

Hmm gee. Maybe in a different timeline I would have enjoyed blowing up ships for cash. Unfortunately if I were to actually setup operations do that, most of null (or its front groups) would end that in a few days-- One particular group is probably a bit pissed I put their friend in IRL jail for harassment of me, my workplace, and a family member. So no big operations for me for quite sometime, thank you.

I’m enjoying the slow play tbh. Be well Aiko. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, hope your ok

So is it easy, or not?

If you can’t do it, how easy can it be?

You put somebody from EVE in jail?

Is this the guy from your blog in the last war WWBee the master technician, just it reminded me of him how he wrote thats all.

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