Ahbazon Monument

Why are there monuments in the proximity of the gate in Ahbazon? I was passing by in a covert ops and by sheer luck or unluck, I was placed around 1500m away from it which means I was not able to cloak asap leading to me being killed by gate campers. I dont mind dying if I make the mistake, but this was purely RNG because when I got back to the gate in a shuttle, nothing was in the wreck’s proximity beside the said monument.

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Probably some CCP scheme to introduce more risk to traveling and make it easier for the campers to catch things.

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Was it a large phallus ?

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To be clear, there is probably a lore reason for it. Who knows if CCP considered what impact it might have on game play.

Anyway, if you care enough, one of the guys from the lore section of the forums can probably tell you the story behind it. In fact, they might find that the monument is getting people killed to be interesting.

Now, how do I feel about it being there? I’m not sure. But I can see how you might feel like you lost your ship to bad RNG, and through no fault of your own.
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I don’t recall what the event was that led to Ahbazon, but… yeah, I do find it interesting that it kept you from cloaking. Interesting… and pretty damn screwed up.

@CCP_Swift @CCP_Aurora @CCP_Convict are the monuments supposed to get travelers killed, or should this one maybe get moved a little?

@Keonas where were you warping from, and how far from the gate were you warping? (like, if they put it right on the gate, that’s one thing, if it’s 100km off in the direction of a random moon from a nearby planet, that’s a lot easier to miss when they’re placing things).

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Isn’t the Ahbazon gate monument because that gate was built during the gatebuilding event?

It should show the top 10 capsuleers and top 5 corps that contributed to that gate’s construction during the event. On the ‘show info’ of the monument, I mean.


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Edit: Arsia is right. The monument is there to commemorate the construction of the gate and it lists the top contributors. As for it decloaking things, well there’s plenty of gates with LCOs within landing distance. It’s just a local feature you need to be aware of if you’re faffing around the area. Shouldn’t actually affect travel if you warp to zero, and if you aren’t warping to zero you should be aware of such potential happenings.

If you’re a regular in the area, I would recommend making yourself a tac-pac anyway.

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I think the problem they had was that they jumped into the gate and spawned next to it and couldn’t cloak. Not that they were decloaked on landing.

On one hand, it is a potential risk of the system to be aware of and it’s not the only thing that can prevent people from cloaking again after breaking gate cloak. On the other, I get why it’s frustrating.

My opinion is that it’s frustrating to get a bad gate spawn, but there’s a thousand ways to get a bad gate spawn.

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Ah, my mistake. I misread the op. Yeah, that’s a potential annoyance certainly, but since there’s so many things that can do that around New Eden, while at the same time honestly being a rather low likelihood event, it doesn’t strike me as particularly problematic.

not having a back up if one of your defenses fail is your fault. The game and life is full of things you can’t predict perfectly.

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