EDENCOM monuments to fallen heroes

CCP please add Monuments to fallen heroes in every EDENCOM Fortress system.

The amount of killing in those systems is completely ridiculous.



:red_circle: Very much in favor of this.

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Now with 50% more wailing widows!


Nobody dies in EVE.

:red_circle: You can’t imagine how many of my braincells die in each invasion that I have to run.

Not on the outside, at least.

@Foggy_Bernstein I hate you for making me agree with you. You know, because SUPPOSEDLY we don’t like each other… (Do we reeeeeeeeeally dislike each other? Or is this some sort of RP taking place outside of IGS?)

Capsuleers are immortal (unless the station housing their medical clone is destroyed at the time of their death) so no memorial is needed. Now you could RP and pitch a memorial for the death of the crewmates on board the ships piloted by capsuleers, but why should CCP roll out a memorial for NPCs? What’s the point? Why not just use the cemetery at Molea?

Empire ships are still piloted by crews and capsuleer ships have crews too.

The monuments would be really a flavour site. When the invasion is over, would commemorate battles fought, by capsuleers too.


Let’s ask gigX and loyalanon.

Non capsuleer ships and capsuleer ships have mortal crews. At launch each ship listed how big it’s crew was in the attributes window.

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@Brun_Warbear I said that already bro. (WHY YOU NECRO BRO)

You know, there is a site in forest nearby here, where people have fallen in battle, just a skirmish, but it have a mound hill and a memory plaque nearby so people know about a battle and people lost lives there.

May be rather strange for Icelanders to build sites commemorating people who lost lives in battles fought in some war, but its a thing.

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I agree, we need monuments there to the Gyvernaught Comrades who died fighting to bring the collective to the unenlightened.

I kind of like the idea of a scope video displayed at the end of the invasion honoring the fallen Edencom pilots that put aside their differences and gave their lives in the combined defence of the empires.

And then the signal is momentarily interrupted and it cuts to a Trig.

‘End? This is but the Dawn…’

And then Uedama gets invaded.

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