EVE is Dying (is it?) Monumentally

Yes, it’s another stealth “EVE is Dying” thread.

No, not really. Just clickbait to get you to read this thread.

So, anyone who thinks EVE is dying, do you remember this?


This thread is more of a question really - how many of you who have names on the monument in Reykjavík harbour still play EVE?

I’m on it (when that website page worked - it appears the search functionality is currently not working).

I still play EVE, and I am curious how many others who are on the monument still are. I’ve never visited it in real life, but I know it’s there because the search site used to give you a plate and location of your name with a nice highlight.



Cool, didn’t know there was a monument. I started in EVE a little later.
Tnx for bringing it up here.

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My main’s name, as well as that of one of my alts, is on there.


Mine are not. Yay. Not even Chribba can be found.

I don’t want to be on there anyway, so good riddance.

This website is funny, though. I clicked on a tile, zoomed in and looked up a name on the plate ingame. For instance: Thranduil Saralonde - It is clearly there on the plate but when I enter it in the search box, the page can’t find it.


Probably just another case of #CCPQualityCoding


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The search function doesn’t seem to work, I have a bunch of chars that are on the monument (we all got confirmation back then) but when I search for them I get nothing.

Me and my main indy alt are on it

Good thing I have a rough memory of where it is, but then, how many players these day even has a name there… only bitter vets now haha :wink:

But they should fix it for sure, or give it to someone that will maintain it…


Did you ever fully recover from that eve-files storage “hickup”? So much cool stuff was lost.

i’m on there.

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I’d say that I have just about everything available to myself again. I have a backup. Most smaller files should be available, and most bigger video files were moved to youtube. For anything else that may be missing I can dig it up from the backup (the things that are not online is due to cost for hosting an archive that’s barely ever used – hoping that Cloudflare R2 can bridge that gap and get a complete copy online again).



My progenitor, the Original Tem, is on there; the last of that living line.

You could say that such memorials are in our DNA, deeper even, our common spirit.

Our order is founded on maintaining the memory of those souls who come to us by being displaced via the vagaries of destruction.

In this manner we create order out of chaos; as the head of the gallant aquila peers with keen insight into the past so that we might fully comprehend where our future may take flight. This is the aegis of our existence.

I still have the pictures of my characters names on there along with old alliance mates and friends that couldn’t make it to Iceland. Still talk to them to this day, even though the monument came out… many years ago.


This website is full of bugs and there’s no one to fix them. They don’t even reply to Forum Bug Report threads. I guess we can’t bother the Masters with that trivial sh-
This EVE Forum crowd is the most No-F-Given crew I’ve ever seen online.

If the coding is as bad as their attitude towards fixing things, it doesn’t surprise me then.

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I think the search app is broken / not working correctly. Says my name isn’t on the Monument when I know for a fact that it is.

On 5-1-2014 this same thread topic was posted. The search app even had problems finding names back then. However it worked for me on 5-2-2014 and I posted this:


Character name ‘DeMichael Crimson’ was found on plate row 4 and column 18. Line number is 104.


3 years later on 6-12-2017 another Eve Monument thread was posted. This topic was about it’s deteriorating condition due to Weather damage and lack of maintenance. That thread even contained a couple of photo’s showing the damage:

Since those pictures were taken 4 years ago, I’m sure the damage is much worse now.
Anyway, on 6-14-2017 I once again checked the search app, found my name again and posted this:

The Eve Monument name plates are corroding ?



Well, that’s definitely sad news indeed.

To make it worse I located my name on the right side edge of a plate facing the Ocean, Row 2, Column 7, Line 14
(I actually counted 15 lines).

I guess in true Minmatar tradition my name has now turned into rust.


While posting this reply I noticed the grid location results for my name is different on both times I used the search app. Only thing I can figure is it’s a CCP app.

The Monument Search app still claims my name isn’t on it so I decided to check the grid locations posted above and found my name in the 2nd set of coordinates - Seaside, Row 2, Column 7, Line 15.

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Hi Hazen,

Thank you for pointing this out! We will put this on our backlog and see if we can get a fix out early January.

CCP Placebo


anything you accomplish positively, i shall call, the Placebo Effect :stuck_out_tongue:


You are most welcome. I didn’t mean for the thread to be a stealth whine about the website, that wasn’t my intention (but it was a useful side-effect). I was just kind of thinking about it, due to the prevalance of other “EVE is dying” threads, and was curious how many Bitterish Vets still play and are active. When I went myself to find the monument url site and to find I wasn’t on it, I added this to the thead.

Thanks for adding it to the backlog, appreciated.


I hope not :frowning:

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Looks like we didn’t buy enough PLEX for CCP to get the nicer quality steel and engraving for the thing.

i still play though the 8 alts on the monument no one will remember, well i say i still play lol , the last few months for the first time in 14 years im playing something else , shooting rats in AO ,actual rats lol was fun for 25 seconds :slight_smile: