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Here it says:

Also for those already on the monument, you will be given the opportunity to choose which character to use for engraving in case there is a different character you have that has more Skill Points now than 10 years ago.

How will we have the opportunity to tell CCP which char we want to have on there? I sincerely hope it’s not happening via mail. I still have not received the confirmation mail for the 20 year memorial picture.

Good to see, however, that the website plate finder returns.

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I do hope there will be enough room on the plaque for ‘Altara Zemara, scourge of Finanar, slayer of Sotiyos’.

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I’m more curious about this part:

If you’re already among those immortalized on the monument, your loyalty for also being an Omega pilot on 6 May 2023 will be additionally honored with a prestigious titan chevron icon on the monument.

What would this mean? A chevron icon right next to each survivor’s name?

And of course, if the name finder would work again.


That’s possible, however I’m thinking they’ll probably just list all those names in a ‘Titans’ section on the expanded monument.

I’m more concerned and dismayed about this:


The fun doesn’t end there, though, as May will be filled with celebrations. Join the Capsuleer Day event starting on 2 May filled with unexpected twists and turns and exclusive anniversary themed rewards that can only be claimed by logging in as they will be soulbound, the stunning reveal of The Fabric of New Eden Mosaic and join us for a jaw-dropping fireworks show at Jita 4-4 on 6 May.

Specifically the part about the ‘Exclusive Anniversary Themed Rewards’ being soulbound and can only be gained from logging in…

Gotta say I really hate all the soulbound crap they keep shoveling…


Yep, ‘soulbound’ caught my attention as well, I hope CCP doesn’t make it a habit to release soulbound items. (Edit: I guess it’s just some unique ship skins like last celebrations?)

Other than that, I love the announcement! Nice to see the monument is getting an update.


Is it correct that CCP still is the only company that honored its players with a real monument ? It was a very cool move in 2013-14, and still is today, something I will always appreciate.

Good to see that CCP takes care of “our” monument.

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After they neglected it for years, let the plates deteriorate, use inferior materials for the harsh climate … Sounds just like their treatment of their playerbase. :joy:


Meh, monetising something that they’ve neglected to maintain for close to a decade; which sounds about right for everything CCP has touched in that period.

Bad show CCP, bad show indeed.

What do you mean, ‘monetising’?

Getting your name on the monument is free for any current Omega player, which I think is the same as when the monument was first erected.

Of course it could be nice if they could add the names of every Alpha character too, but since it’s free to make hundreds or even thousands of Alpha accounts, I can see why there is a bare minimum of ‘Omega on that particular day’ requirement to be on the monument.


By monetising I mean that they’re encouraging players that aren’t omega to become omega in order to get their name on a monument that’s been poorly maintained.

I’m already on it, albeit on a character that has since been sold, I certainly wouldn’t go omega to add this character to it or in the case of my previous character to get a titan mark next to it if I still owned it.

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The main problem I have with soulbound items is it cuts out all aspects of a ‘Player Driven Market’, which is one of the big selling points in CCP advertisements for Eve. Another big issue I have with soulbound items is the fact that your character gets stuck with something you don’t need, want or can even use.

For example = Due to having soulbound ship skins, I now have a bunch of skins for ships that I will never pilot. So now those skins are nothing more than wasted items when they could have been traded to other players who would have actually used them.

Same goes for Cerebral Accelerators, I have almost 300 mil SP’s and don’t really need increased skill training time whereas my alt characters could definitely use it. However due to CCP also putting an expiration timer on those items, I now have to activate those items when I receive them. It’s either that or just let them also become wasted items which really bugs me to no end…

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Luckily you can pull SP out of your main and put it inside your alts if you don’t need the extra SP, which means those accelerators aren’t completely wasted.

Can you not redeem the accelerators on your same-account alts anyway?

lol, yeah, not ever pulling any SP’s out from this character. Also this character will always be training skills, even skills that it won’t use.

Sure, I can redeem the accelerators to other characters on same account, but then I’d need to purchase MCT in order for them to use those accelerators.

I’d much rather have those accelerators sitting in my assets ready to use when I start training up Capital Ship skills, which is what I’m getting real close to doing now.

Main point is soulbound items cut out the ‘Player Driven Market’ aspect of this game, and that fact alone is what makes soulbound a dirty word…

I’m seeing conflicting messages here.

You do not wish to pull SP from your main, and neither do you want to stop the queue on your main in order to train an alt, yet you still consider cerebral accelerators redeemed on your main a waste since you ‘don’t really need increased skill training time’.

Which is it, do you or don’t you care about getting more SP on your main?

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No reason to go off-track and make a big deal out of it, the main issue is CCP making everything soulbound…

As for the accelerators, like I said earlier, I’d much rather have them sitting in assets ready to use when I start training up Capital Ship skills. Unfortunately players are now pressed to use those accelerators right away due to CCP placing a short expiration timer on them.

I’m aware it’s not entirely on topic, but your messages confused me.

If you first wish to train skill A and B before you start training capital skills C, D, E and F, and if accelerators temporarily speed up your SP gain, does it really matter if you immediately activate the accelerator for your current skills A and B instead of for your capital skills C-F?

I wouldn’t think so: you’ll finish skill F equally fast regardless of whether the accelerator is active during training of skill A and B or skill D and E. It’s simply a flat amount of extra SP you gain, so in a few months time you’ll end up with the same amount of SP whether you have activated the accelerator now or in a few weeks.

I don’t understand the problem.

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Heh, you seem to be assuming that I wanna start training Capital Ship skills asap… which I don’t. I’m not looking to dish out a bunch of isk for those skills right now. More importantly, how I train my skills is my business…

So yeah, good job on trolling me with your needle-picking and derailing the main point of my statement.

And just to refresh, that point was about items being soulbound. Seems to me you’re fine with having soulbound items in-game… And that’s your prerogative to do so.

Personally I don’t like having soulbound items in-game because it bypasses and nullifies the ‘Player Driven Market’.

Other than that, we have nothing else to discuss…

Not everyone knows how to math.

Math has nothing to do with it…

And here’s a salute just for you…


Oh it does, you just replaced too much of your intellect with boomer outrage to understand.