EVE Monument namefinder back online

Hello everyone!

We’re happy to announce that the updated EVE Monument is back online, honoring capsuleers from the first and second decade! The construction is finished and the Monument has been unveiled ahead of the 20th Anniversary Fanfest Festivities™

You’ll be able to locate your character using the EVE Monument name finder tool, Find your name on the EVE monument | EVE Online

All names are in alphabetical order, making it even easier to locate names.

CCP Hellmar will be cutting the ribbon later this week to officially christen the newly renovated EVE Monument, but we know some of are already in Reykjavik and we wanted you to be able to easily locate the names of you and your friends.

Fly safe!


can not find my name on there and I checked 3 different times

Does one of the tiles explain what this is? What metal was used for the new tiles?

Found mine, thank you.

Been omega for 4 years

I want to report that two of my characters, Sere O’Asis and Arid O’Asis are not able to be located with the EVE Monument name finder tool as well.

In addition, Sere O’Asis was listed on the original monument. I got an email a while back reporting she’d be getting the 10 year vet titan symbol.

I don’t know if both characters having an apostrophe in the name has anything to do with their not being found; but, I tried variations without the apostrophe as well, and nothing turned up.

My other characters that were eligible to be listed, I found.

The two oldest, Arid and Sere, cannot be located.

Honestly, I’m disappointed, especially considering Sere’s status as a 10 year vet.

Would be really nice if the system highlighted your name in the big mess of names on the plates. It’s quite the endeavor to find the name.

All chars on the upper platform, though. :tophat:

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There is a lingering issue where the finder has a problem when there’s an apostrophe in the characters name, but they’re still on the Monument.



Thanks for replying. I appreciate it.



Thank you CCP Swift!

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Is it under CC(P)TV surveilance 24/7? What if one player wanted to vandalize other player’s character name :thinking:

Will you be able to identify the offender?


Funny, I live in Ukraine, I can’t go there, take a couple of photos for me from different angles

Top of page 272 for Sere.

…and Arid is on page 24, a bit lower than center.


Thank you CCP…

I found my name, complete with a Titan Chevron, on the Seaside Lower Platform, Tile #77, #14 on Line 42


lol and a bird will ■■■■ on it soon

Oh wow, interesting that the names weren’t grouped by Server, and Serenity and Infinity are mixed in. At least that is what is looks like to me.

The rain will hopefully wash it quickly away :slight_smile:

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I will pay a Billion ISK to the first person who sends me a good recognizable photo of my name and those of my three renegade clones, located on Tile 17 (Seaside, lower platform). - EVE-Mail me ingame.

offer withdrawn


Not my name but mad props to the character Terrys Chocolate Orange!