EVE Monument - names ''chevron''

Hi All,

Just looking for clarification, where is the ‘‘chevron’’ ?

‘‘If your character’s name is already on the Monument, you’ll get a chevron next to your name if you are Omega at any point in May’’

Just trying to figure out if i’m on this monument, because I want to go visit it later this year.
I am an Omega currently.


“at any point in may”, so that problably means that after may 30th they’ll round it all up and make it happen. That just makes logical sense.

If you were playing in 2014 and had the most SP, then you should be on there

character on each account that had the most skill points on March 31st, 2014, the date the name data was collected. If you are still unable to find your name, please contact support.

Did they scrap that “complete three daily quests” requirement with this extension?

The daily quests were for the mosaic.


Original requirement for monument was name of the highest SP character on an account that was subbed on May 6, 2023.

Not hard to figure out why CCP felt they had to extend that to “subbed any time during May”.

Oh, whoops, thanks.

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I hope that my Char is on the Monument already, as she was born in 09, but it all depends on when I changed from the 14 day to omaga,.
I just cannot find the link to the monument that is there already, to see if she is there already.
can some one link my the link please

Search function is down atm.

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