Question about the 20 yr monument in Iceland

Hello everyone! I hope you all are well and youfr coffers overflow with ISK. Ive been Omega since my Birth … is my name automaticallly on the monument or is there some thing else I need do?
Lord Arasmus…


If you werent on it in 2011 or 12, then yes your name will be placed as long as you were omega May 6 2023.

If you were on there the first time, youll get a titan chevron beside your name

Hello and welcome to Eve… Hopefully this will answer your question.

The original deadline for new Omega character names to be added to the monument was May 6, however CCP has extended that deadline to the entire month of May.

If you’re Omega at any time during this month of May, the character with the highest number of skill points on your account will be added to the monument.

If you previously had an active account back in March 2014, the character with the highest amount of skill points was already added to the monument. If that account was active as Omega during this month, that character will have a Titan Chevron placed next to it’s name. And if there’s another character on that account with more skill points than your previous character, you can have that character added as well.

All players have until the end of this month to upgrade to Omega for their character with the highest amount of skill points to be added on the monument or to have a Titan Chevron added to their character name.


You stated that if I was Omega during the month of May, my character will have a Titan Chevron placed next to it’s name. Where? Would it appear while I was playing the game? Can someone post a picture of theirs so I can see what is looks like.

No on the monument.

And that is ONLY if your name is on the monument already. Like my char Geo, most SP of all my characters. Hes on the monument. Well since im omega this month, his name on the monument will have a chevron beside it


But the important question remains: Can you cyno in a blob of titan chevrons to blow up a bait Rorqual?


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I’ve been Omega for a couple of years now. So I’m not worried about that at all. I’m asking where the Titan Chevron will be located. Once my characters name is on the monument. That’s why I asked for a picture or screen shot. So I can see what it will look like.

It will be beside the characters name that is already on the monument.

However if you have a character with more SP than the one that was on there in 2014, then the current one will be placed on the monument and no chevron will be added

The way I understand it:

Character names that were originally on the monument and are active as Omega at any time during this month will have a Titan Chevron placed next to their name. If the players have another character on their account with more SP’s than their original character, they can notify CCP and have that new character added to the monument.

The Dev blog almost reads like the new character name will replace the original character name. I gotta say why would anybody want that and lose out on having a Titan Chevron added to their original character name.

Anyway, this is from the first Dev Blog:


To have your character’s name engraved on the monumental expansion, make sure to have an active Omega account on 6 May 2023 (in any time zone), and your character with the highest amount of Skill Points will forever stand alongside the legends of New Eden. If you’re already among those immortalized on the monument, your loyalty for also being an Omega pilot on 6 May 2023 will be additionally honored with a prestigious titan chevron icon on the monument. Also for those already on the monument, you will be given the opportunity to choose which character to use for engraving in case there is a different character you have that has more Skill Points now than 10 years ago.

And this is from the second Dev Blog:

Attention Capsuleers!

If you were worried you’d missed your chance to be part of EVE’s legacy and get your name on the EVE Monument in Reykjavik – never fear! Based on feedback, the deadline has been extended to the entire month of May. That means you now have until the end of the month to upgrade to Omega and secure your place among the legends of New Eden. If your character’s name is already on the Monument, you’ll get a chevron next to your name if you are Omega at any point in May.

This Dev Blog doesn’t say anything about accounts having a different character name with more SP’s than the original character name already on the monument…

So yeah, I’m a little unclear about that part…

Also what if the original character already on the monument was biomassed since?

I would assume then they don’t consider it for the chevron and the new most SP character on the account will count as a new name on the monument but this is CCP we’re talking about so can easily see it working in some unexpected way as an unintended Feature™. :upside_down_face: :psyccp:


Yeah, that character name should still remain on the monument since it was active back when CCP first built it.

Yeah, but only if it’s Omega sub at some point during this month.

So basically to get your new character name on the monument or have a Titan Chevron placed on your old character name, all you have to do is just buy the Weekend Pack (good for 3 days Omega + 50 PLEX) and you’re set… :wink:

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