Monument Name Finder | EVE Online DOWN :(

Please confirm why the eve monument name finder is down ?
I was looking for “Vile Rat” aka Sean
Please confirm ???

Character name search functionality is temporarily unavailable. We will get it back up whenever we can. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

They said at fanfest the monument was under maintenance. Presumably they’re also in the process of updating the name finder if positions have changed.

what are you talking about Katya Itzimaru ?
Are you saying the monument will have names removed ?]

It was damaged by years of exposure to arctic sea air, they took all the names off to recondition them and will be re-attaching them soon™

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Shame on you :frowning:

That message has been there for months.


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yup :frowning: shame on CCP

Shame 0n CCP :frowning:

what happens now is “CCP” blocks any further discussion on the topic :?

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prove me wrong ?

Take five @Dr_Grey, it would in the best interest of the people whose names are in the monument to migrate them to a blockchain.

I bet CCP is trying to surprise us, with eternity!

hummmm Lorimer was banned for complaining about anti gay hate :confused:

I have no confidence in CCP :frowning:


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you need to repost “artworks-000605120581-0gvh46-t500x500”
CCP forums will not allow the post :frowning:

BOOM ! Bloackd by CCP !

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