Unofficial Molea Monument News Discussion Thread

Since there still aren’t official discussion threads for news posts (that aren’t Dev Blogs or Patch Notes):

Tribute to the Fallen by @CCP_Aurora

TL;DR: CCP is setting up a permanent monument in Molea as recognition of the player-developed graveyard. This is a stepping stone along the path of removing POSes (containers anchored within 200km of a POS do not decay in space) - the new monument provides this same anchoring behavior without any other impacts. Cans remain subject to looting/attack mechanics as per current configuration. The monument also occasionally produces a visual effect in memory of the fallen.

Questions? Comments? Have at. Aurora is not obligated to respond, but may choose to do so.

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Odd that corpses cannot be stored inside the monument.

I’ve been there many times, and I’ve been affected each time.

One cannot underestimate the ingenuity of capsuleers, and I wish to publically salute the founder of Molea, @Azia Burgi, and all the caretakers who followed over the years.

Molea presents EVE Online in a unique light, and I am glad CCP decided to place a monument there.



I’m glad this was made. It gives me a chance to remember those that have gone ahead.


I think that would be a nice touch too so that corpses are interned like a mausoleum, then it would stop pratts like in that other post desecrating it


I’m similarly surprised that they didn’t add a publicly accessible item hangar that accepts only corpses, and has no withdrawal rights - a nice ‘final internment’ for the fallen. Cans would still have a place as messages and holding grave goods/offerings.


Sometimes I wonder how many features like this get held up while CCP waits for an opportune moment to get it into the gaming news cycle.


i find the monument cute
i like the landmark things to make the systems unique


It’s a nice idea and it’s cool that CCP both decided to do it and developed a mechanism to do it (even if that mechanism just means a copy-paste of a chunk of POS code).

It’s also great that people have re-purposed this as a remembrance to their fallen, whatever their nature might be. It would be super-cool if CCP would put a couple defense turrets around it, and maybe beef up the HP of items stored around it. Not enough to insta-kill desecraters, but enough to discourage casual vandalism by the bored and ill-mannered.

Any hand-waving about it is to be expected. CCP has always gone out of its’ way to attract the socially maladjusted, and every game has their share of bleeding hearts and Dudley Do-Rights.

Some people will make heartfelt gestures, some people will make casual ones, and other people will find they only feel significant when they’re destroying something somebody else values. Such is Eve.

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Each storage location in EVE can only hold a maximum of 1000 stacks of items so that would mean it would only be able to hold 1000 corpses before being unable to accept more

You can always dump corpses around monument. Thats more natural, environmentally friendly way.

Oh, I don’t know about that. More people getting the “where’d my ship go?” treatment could be amusing.

(Had that happen to me when I locked a Drifter back when they came out)

Each storage location? Like the Hanger Bay’s in NPC stations?

If so, CCP could easily add multiple ‘Internment Vaults’ to the Monument turning it into a Mausoleum. Players can still anchor Cans at the site filled with various items dedicated to the deceased allowing Tomb Raiders to do their thing.

Like everything, cargo bays on ships, containers in stations, if you can put items inside it then it has a cap of 1000 unique stacks

Sure but even then those could fill up pretty fast, i have 1800 corpses in my hangar in jita :stuck_out_tongue:


:astonished: Damn, guess you’ve been busy… :wink:

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I’d like to bring up something that @Destiny_Corrupted proposed in the JihadSwarm thread:

This idea is, IMO, a perfect solution to the Molea issue; any member of the EvE community who is confirmed to have passed away could have their character(s) transferred to a dedicated “mausoleum” corporation as a way to respect their passing.

Someone would probably figure out a way to exploit invulnerable funeral cans, but this idea seems like the closest thing to an exploit-proof system that CCP could make.

Why would CCP want to dedicate resources to something like this? It is not player-created emergent gameplay - it isn’t gameplay at all.

The source of the problem are these people insisting that they have a right to do something that is completely out of context with Eve.

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And why does it matter to you, are you being affected by it, is it disrupting your gameplay experience?


‘Roleplay’ is a perfectly good reason and seems to justify all manner of things in Eve, good and bad.

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