Cemetary in Molea

I had a very good friend who i played eve with, he was in his 60’s, as I am. He passed away last year and I was wondering, how do i get his memorial placed in the Cemetary in Molea?

Thank You


If it were me I’d ask CCP with a ticket under gameplay > character.

Wouldn’t you be more likely to get a response in the General Discussion subforum?

Not just anyone can get a memorial object within the game; the person must have had a huge or wide spread impact on the game, enough so that even CCP have taken notice of him. There are no guaranties but you are of course welcome to try; submitting a support ticket or sending an email to support@eveonline.com is a good place to start, a GM can then forward request to the appropriate people if they deem it worthy.

That is a player-run memorial. If I remember correctly it’s an old type of a player owned starbase where players leave containers around it.

Umm you never heard of this?

Thank you
i thought there was something
And thanks i did not know where to post the question
thanks again

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