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Hi there!
We recently started playing EVE with a group of 7 friends! One of my friends and me really got into the game. We founded a corp and started doing some stuff together. We had high visions, of us making a fun little small gang and enjoying the game together. But then, as is with EVE, out of the 7 people we started with, only my friend and me remained, as the others didn’t enjoy the game enough ;(

Now, we have this corp we started “Inkasso Genickbruch” and only 2 people in it. As this doesn’t make sense, we will be parting from it and joining another corp. The thing is, that we actually had some hopes and plans for the corp (even gave it a little website etc.) and now want to give it a proper funeral.

Does anyone have any idea, how you could arrange a small scale funeral for a corp in EVE? We thought about putting a note in a small container and shooting it or something.

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Edelgard Hresvelg


Sounds like you need to visit the EVE Graveyard in Molea (Molea II, Moon I) where players have, for years, been anchoring small secure containers in that area, where they are protected by CCP and last forever.

CCP recently added a huge ‘Angel wings’ memorial to the area.
See here: EVE Unveils a New Molea Memorial

Bear in mind the area is full of containers dedicated to actual people that have died, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, babies, friends, pets - rather than ‘just a Corp’.

I have been there twice in the last few years to anchor containers in memory of lost loved ones, including 2 months ago when my mum died.

But if you really feel that strongly about the loss of your Corp then perhaps this is the place for you.

It’s a very special place, very moving. I challenge anyone to visit the place and read all of the messages on the Overview without shedding a tear or two.

Location of the EVE Graveyard (and other things to see) here: 17 Must-See Locations in EVE Online



You can also simply do another random character or alpha account, stick it into the corp and give it ceo. That way it will never close and you can always come back.


Oh yeah, i heard of that place, but i think it would be a bit rude, to put my stupid little corp next to actual people who died. But thanks for the idea.


Fact check: nothing in Molea is protected - all cans are subject to looting/shooting. Molea has been looted in the past and is likely to be looted in the future. The only effect the monument has on the containers is it keeps them from automatically despawning after a set period of time.

Literal internet spaceship grave robbers. Ive seen it all


OP, do as creampie dude suggested. Just keep that corp in cryogenic storage.

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