Searching for someone from the Eve Cemetary

Hi mates,
I’m student in documentary film making. I’m doing a short movie about Eve, shot entirely in-game. In the movie I want to talk about the Eve-Cemetery, but it’s really difficult to reach people around it.

I’m searching for players who creats the cemetary, but they probably quit the game long time ago, so I was like “let’s find the ones who run it today” but that is also difficult. I found the corp but impossible to join them.

I’m asking for help; if someone in here is in the corp or know them, can you help me get in contact?

Also I’m searching for people who put some memorial in the cemetary, to do interviews and talk about the act of using the game in the mourning process and that kind of stuff. If you did it or know someone who did, can you reach me here, in-game, or by mail ? (

(sorry for my English)
Thanks everybody


I really don’t have that amount. anyone else ?

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You dont have 14 bucks in your bank account?

I’m filmmaker, what did you expect ?

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Anyway man

Also I can do interview with peoples who helped the cemetary crew or just want to talk about it if semeone is interested.
Thanks in advance for help

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This is an unusual case, but there might be people about that can assist. I’ll pass your thread around and see where it goes.


If you can’t get in touch with the corp, wardec them, that’ll get their attention.

That would cost to much on a filmmakers salary. “If” he’s for real, it would defiantly make for an interesting thread! :smiley:

EVE can use all the publicity it can get. :wink:

As a student doing machinima allowed me to do film at little cost. Also Eve have so many stories lived by players that have to be told by this medium.

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thanks @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode
Hope someone will notice

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It is rare for me to reply on these forums, but this did catch my eye. Let’s say I have a soft heart for anyone involved in film-making :slight_smile:

*To my understanding, the lady involved in setting up and maintaining the cemetary is no longer involved in EVE.

I do have her personal and private email address - yet the last time I sent an email to her on a generic ‘it has been a while, how are you?’ type-of-email, I got no response and simply do not know what she is up to.

Never met her, but we have spent many hours (nearly ten years ago now) talking over VOIP and, when I left the game I donated all of my EVE wealth to her, to maintain the cemetary.

So - I do not know where she is or how she is, but I genuinely wish her well wherever she is and hope she is happy in whatever she is doing.

I could tell you many stories about her, but they would all be about her and not about EVE, so, out of respect/privacy, will not disclose. Sorry.

Private is private, and she is a very private person.

*my information may be out-of-date by ten years


Yes of course, I don’t get into private irl stuff.
But maybe you can still help me if you have been close to the cemetery story. Could we discuss in private messages ? (strangely I don’t find you in the in-game finder)

Happy to talk, PM me some discord connections and we’ll go from there.

To clarify my position:

I never administrated the Cem or had any involvement in its running at all, I literally know nothing about it but helped her with a promotional video that was used for the Aliance Tournaments. I still have the video somewhere I’m sure, but is low res as Loxyrider had limitations on his end for live broadcasting of the tournaments.

So, happy to talk, and the reason you cannot find me in game is because I stopped playing many years ago, hence my indifferent, lurking nature :sunglasses:


Hi there,
I am the CEO of the EVE Trade Alliance… as well as a old friend of Azia. She has indeed left the game, though I still talk to her on STEAM Chat here and there when I spot her, though her being in England and me in Canada means that usually the weekend. I have been a part of Azia’s Bolthole for many years and was one of people helping keep the cemetery supplied with fuel and bodies, and now seem to be the only one still there on a semi regular basis. I was there for all the Goon wardecs on the cemetery, part of the reason we created the Alliance and with her gone, sorta inherited it. As we all became more embroiled in RL, we found our time in game, like Azia’s limited at best. I still log in on occasion doing this and that and have kept my acct subbed because i love the game and its universe and want to keep supporting them. I can try to answer any questions you have even attempt to bounce some off her (no promises). Just shoot me an in game mail.


I know some corps have led “expeditions” to the cemetery as an introduction to fleet movements for newbies.

I haven’t been there in a couple of months, but I would very much like to see the new monument CCP added and stick around for the animation.

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