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I was watching the Fireside chat Hilmar did at Fanfest Finland. The topic came up about the possibility of EVE coming to the small or big screen. Hilmar said that they would love to but it is very hard to make it happen. The idea of a documentary in the Netflix , Amazon Prime world about EVE. I don’t know if it has ever been explored but Netflix will damn near put anything on. The idea of a documentary that could paint a canvas of what the game of EVE is and then delve into some of its more famous stories and story lines. It seems like a gold mine for a documentary.

A good look at eve’s history, the ebb and flow of power between groups, the politics behinds the scenes etc would be a great watch.

Can we have it narrated/edited by @Lord_Maldoror?

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Also think of how much of an amazing marketing tool it would be. It could potentially draw in millions of players. I feel like a documentary is a much more approachable film project for EVE than a TV show or Movie. Just the feat of EVE its scale , economy and the rich story lines created by players. A completely abstract thing I grew up in a very conservative area in America. My world view has been greatly altered and even my politics from exposure to players in EVE. When people talk about the downsides of Universal Healthcare I can just talk to my friends from other parts of the world that live with it. Completely abstract thing that has changed me as a person. EVE is something truly special.

Be carefull what you wish for. In today political climate in the west, where people get mobbed for expressing a biological fact that there are only two genders, what do you think is going to happen to those in game who express their joy for taking stuff from other people through scamming?

In a game that glorifies the darker side of humanity, a game where anything goes, what do you think the snowflakes who need safe spaces to protect them from the real world are going to say and do about the “theft” that is taking place when these same snowflakes come to understand there is real loss in this game when a pirate/pvper blows someone up and takes their stuff.

When politicians repeatedly try to blame violence on video games to show they are virtuous and caring people who will do the right thing if only you continue to vote them into office, who pander to the fears of the naive, dont think for a moment that Eve wont be vilified if a documentary comes out of the pirating/scams/backstabbing that occurs in game.

If there was ever an example of two things that are not even close to the same thing being compared as if they are this would be the caption. Genitals =/= ISK doubling and nothing is going to happen to people in game it is after all a game. Jesus

Also game of thrones did fine considering the gratuitous violence and rape contexts I’m sure it’d work out.

The thought of a show or documentary based on eve or the lore is an idea I would be interested to see. Especially subjects like the Jovian empires, Gallente-Caldari War, it numerous in game events like Caroline’s Star.

So I would hope the snowflakes realize that it is a game and if they don’t that is their own problem. Furthermore this whole blaming violence on video games is a recycled meme. Before video games it was rap music before rap music it was rock n roll before rock n roll it was Jazz. Everytime politicians drag the thing in from of committee for a “dog and pony” show and get embarrassed for the idiocy of the claim by the artist they try to pin the blame on. Some interesting footage of NWA shitting on congress in the late 90s and then some more interesting video of Twisted Sister doing the same to congress in the early 80s. Congress might try to do the same again with the video game industry ill be sure to have my popcorn ready.

Yes, we know its a game. But politicians have passed “Man Spreading” laws in New York. Man spreading. Let that sink in for a moment.

Also in New York pass laws making it illegal for not calling someone by their preferred pronoun in section 3 paragraph 2 dont think for a minute they wont come after this and other games. Read further down that link if you would like to see the $125,000 civil penalty.

Politicians are already targeting video games by wanting to make loot boxes illegal. They are already trying to mess with how games run. With the crazy that is happening all over the world due to politics, I expect our games to be messed with even further.

Video games , music , literature & art are protected under the first amendment. https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/1132/music-censorship

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Heres to hoping that will be enough in the USA. Now we just have to worry about other countries.

case log going back hundreds of years says so.

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